signs that your boyfriend is cheatingsigns that your boyfriend is cheating

10 Tell-Tale Signs your Boyfriend is Cheating

One of the scariest thoughts that goes on inside of a girl's mind is that her boyfriend might be cheating. There are several signs your boyfriend is cheating but most girls tend to overlook them and this is a big mistake. If you are starting to feel like something is going on and you are not feeling like he is being completely faithful, then you are most likely correct. Here are ten signs your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Less Talking, More Time Apart

Once you start to feel like our boyfriend would rather have some time apart instead of talking to you, then it might be time to think. However, don't over think the process and simply think he is cheating. It is always a good idea to give him his space but once you start to feel like he “likes” his space and he doesn't want to spend time, then you can be scared.

He Hesitates To Give You His Phone

Though he may have the right to his privacy, often times there are certain hints that simply show that he may be hiding something. One of those obvious hints would be hiding his phone when you ask to play on it. A bigger hint is if when you ask for the phone, he tends to delete a few things before he hands it to you. This is a big sign that he may be trying to hide something from you.

He Is Always With His Friends

A guy can definitely have guy friends and you should not freak out if he goes out with his friends for a few drinks. However, you should start to think if he would rather spend the night with his friends instead of staying home and watching a movie with you. This is certainly a sign that you two are starting to drift apart.

He Starts To Simply Act Different

One of the most obvious signs your boyfriend is cheating is by looking at how he acts. If he is acting a little different, then you should be straightforward with him and ask. If your boyfriends starts to hesitate about his answer, then you need to ask if something is wrong. It is simply not worth it if you have a man that just can't be honest with you.

Changing Hobbies Or Routines

If your boyfriend starts to change his daily hobbies or routines, then this might be a sign that he is in a “new stage” in his life and there might be someone new. Though a change of hobbies is definitely not a sure sign that your boyfriend is cheating, a drastic change might mean something.

He Starts To Spend More Time On The Internet

The internet is easily one of the most tempting places in the world and if your boyfriend would rather spend hours on the computer, then he might be doing something else besides reading his email. The world wide web has made it easier for people to connect and hooking up with someone has become easier than ever. Make sure you are open with your boyfriend about what he is doing on the internet because this is where most problems start.

Hanging Out With New Friends

Your boyfriend making new friends is certainly a problem but you should watch if there is some sort of trend or eerie feeling. If your boyfriend's friends are mostly girls, then you have the right to question him and ask if something is going on. Once your boyfriend starts to make new friends, this just might be one of the signs your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Not Being Completely Honest With You

A lying boyfriend can easily be a cheating boyfriend because they are able to lie to you and make stories. Once you start to see that he is lying to you, then it is time to start thinking about moving on because he can lie about anything. This is a sure sign that something might be going on and you have the right to feel this way. A person that can lie about small things will definitely have the ability to do so about bigger things.

Catching Him Lying About Little Things

Little “white lies” can slowly become very big and so you should always address what these white lies are and then be blunt with him. Let him know that you won't deal with his little lies because it's not how you want the relationship to be. Though these little lies may seem like they are not that big of a deal, it should be a red flag for you and your current status with him. (To learn powerful techniques to bust him lying check out my ebook sold here.)

You Just Have The Feeling

Most girls will just simply feel like something is wrong and this is where you need to trust your instincts. Often times, the biggest sign your boyfriend is cheating is found deep within. If you are starting to have that feeling in your stomach that something is wrong, don't be afraid to let him know and ask him if something is wrong. You will most often feel this by either seeing something different about him or you are just not feeling comfortable.

The best thing to do when you are starting to see some of these signs is to talk to your boyfriend and make sure he is being honest with him but at the same time, you are being honest with him too. Let him know how you feel and make sure he is being open with you. The worst thing that you can do is ignore the feeling and just hope that he is not cheating. If he sees that you don't care, then he just might continue to play you for a fool and it can be the biggest mistake that you can make. Try your best to keep these signs in mind so that you can act right away. With these signs that your boyfriend is cheating, you will be able to see it coming miles away.

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