Landing page testing is part of the daily process of any successful website…

Here are 15 steps to a successful landing page testing campaign:

  1. Have a clear testing plan
  2. Have a well-defined, clear and MEASURABLE conversion criteria
  3. Identify important elements to test.
  4. Use proper testing tools (that's why I like Converkit for emails because I can Ab test headlines)
  5. Determine whether A/B or multivariate testing is appropriate (use multivariate at your own risks, especially if you have little traffic)
  6. Access current traffic and conversion rates
  7. Determine target conversion goals
  8. Determine the number of scenarios to test
  9. Determine the time span to run tests.
  10. Create variations of different testing elements
  11. Install and deploy different test scenarios
  12. Measure test results and findings
  13. Perform additional updates on findings
  14. Conduct follow-up tests
  15. Track improvements

Whether you are an affiliate and are working on your funnel, or working on your real estate agent website, it's critically important to test different messages, designs, and elements to see which of them resonate better with your audience.

Secrets To Setting Up Landing Pages To Convert Traffic To Profits

Jeff Usner shares secrets to setting up landing pages to convert traffic to profits. You will learn the landing page foundation to build a successful sales funnel. Jeff reveals 7 tips to having a high converting landing page. #1 is Test Test Test…check out the video to learn more about turning traffic into profits.

A good landing page is a mixture of images, content, and colors that strike the target audience. According to the internet millionaire, placing the right element in the right position can make a lot of difference. He also advocates testing, because even when the basic foundation that he suggests has been proven to work, there are certain elements that may vary.

A good landing page is a mixture of images, content, and colors that strike the target audience. Click To Tweet

Here's an infographic with these 15 steps and more:

How To Test Your Landing Pages

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