10 Things About Me

1. I'm a Conversion Optimization consultant

Since 2001, I've started from scratch - and SOLD - 2 fast-growing startups. I now do some CRO consulting with private clients here and also with Conversion Rate Experts where I've optimized pages for Fortune 500 clients.

2. I'm a best-selling author, public speaker and coach

I published a best-selling book on poker strategy. I've been coaching poker players on poker “tells” (see number 3...) since 2009 and can even count a former World Poker Champion among my students.

3. I used to be a professional poker player

I left my job as an Engineer in 2001 to play poker professionally (which I did until 2008). During these years, I played all over the world, won multiple tournaments in Las Vegas, played against just about every big name pro (Phil Hellmuth, Barry Greenstein, Huck Seed, Chip Reese to name a few) and was one of the first professional players in Quebec.

4. I'm a body language expert

I’m a body language expert (kind of a spin off of my poker days) and studied the science of tells with University Professors, U.S. Marshals and FBI Agents. I help some clients with their own presentation skills, as well as detecting folks that aren't completely truthful with them.

5. I was born in Quebec City, Canada

I speak fluent French and English. After graduating University, I moved to the south-shore of Montreal, where I've been living for the past 20 years.

6. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Engineering

...from Laval University in Quebec City - don’t try to find a logical link between Conversion Rate Optimization or Body Language and Geology, I can't find one myself :-).

7. I'm a very lucky man...

I’m happily married, have a great wife, who works as a Manager in the Health field. I’m the proud father of two beautiful boys.

8. I'm a HUGE hockey fan

I play hockey every week, and also coach my two son's ice hockey teams. I’m a big fan of the Montreal Canadians. Go HABS Go!!!

9. I can hit a golf ball... No REALLY!

I have about a 12 handicap in golf, and have won several “longest drive” challenges – top recorded drive was 341 yards.


10. I used to be in a KISS cover band

Back in College, I was once the lead singer of a rock cover band that played tributes to Guns’n Roses and KISS (yep that's me to the right). I got to play Gene Simmons and even spit blood - I have pictures of that too, but I keep them locked in a safe 🙂 . We won multiple "Gong Show" type events playing these tributes. HINT: It was fun :-).

3 thoughts on “10 Things About Me”

  1. Nicolas, bonjour! Comment ça va? Je m`appelle Hélène. Je suis de la Russie, de Moscou.
    Nicolas, es correcto:”Soy Nicolas. Bienvenidos”.

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