1. I'm a Conversion Optimization consultant – Since 2001, I've started from scratch – and SOLD – 2 fast-growing startups. I now do some consulting with private clients here and also with Conversion Rate Experts where I've optimized pages for Glamour Magazine, Lloyds Banking, Vimeo, Crazy Egg and other Fortune 500 clients. 


2. I'm a best-selling author, public speaker and coach – I published a best-selling book on poker strategy. I've been coaching poker players on poker “tells” (see number 3…) since 2009 and can even count a former World Poker Champion among my students.
3. I used to be a professional poker player – I left my job as an Engineer in 2001 to play poker professionally (which I did until 2008). During these years, I played all over the world, won multiple tournaments in Las Vegas, played against just about every big name pro (Phil Hellmuth, Barry Greenstein, Huck Seed, Chip Reese to name a few) and was one of the first professional players in Quebec
4. I'm a body language expert  – I’m a body language expert (kind of a spin off of my poker days) and studied the science of tells with University Professors, U.S. Marshals and FBI Agents. I help some clients with their own presentation skills, as well as detecting folks that aren't completly truthful with them.
5. I was born in Quebec City, Canada – and speak French and English. After graduating from College, I moved to Montreal, where I now reside.
quebec map
6. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Engineering – from Laval University in Quebec City – don’t try to find a logical link between Conversion Rate Optimization or Body Language and Geology, I can't find one myself :-).
7. I'm a very lucky man… – I’m happily married, have a great wife, who works as an Occupational Therapist and Clinical Coordinator for an Autism Spectrum Disorder clinic. I’m the proud father of two beautiful boys.
8. I'm a HUGE hockey fan – I play hockey every week, and also coach my two son's ice hockey teams. I’m a big fan of the Montreal Canadians. Go HABS Go!!!
9. I can hit a golf ball… No REALLY! –  I have a 12 handicap in golf (though I play less these days), and have won several “longest drive” challenges – top recorded drive was 341 yards.
10. I used to be in a KISS cover band – Back in College, I was once the lead singer of a rock cover band that played tributes to Guns’n Roses and KISS (yep that's me to the left). I got to play Gene Simmons and even spit blood – I have pictures of that too, but I keep them locked in a safe 🙂 . We won multiple “Gong Show” type events playing these tributes. HINT: It was fun :-).