Top 10 Best A/B Testing Tools for 2020

I do hundreds of split tests each year, and I work with all the platforms, here are my best A/B testing tools at the moment.

While there are many metrics that can determine the success of your ecommerce business, the conversion rate is hands down the most important of them all. This is why entrepreneurs and marketers place a huge emphasis on conversion rate optimization. 

However, improving the conversion rate of your website isn’t as easy as it may seem. It requires knowing your audience and understanding their behavior to make sure the measures you are taking will drive the desired results. But, how would you know what your audience wants?

You may get lucky enough to hit the right chord with your audience in one campaign, but you cannot rely on your luck every time. To improve your business and be successful in the long run, you need to make data-backed decisions to make sure the time, effort, and money you are putting in will bring the required results. 

This is where A/B testing comes in! The concept of A/B testing is simple – you create two versions of a page with a single variant and test run them for a certain period of time. But, just like any other business practice, there are a few things that are critical to performing successful A/B tests; the right A/B testing tools are the most important of them.

Knowing that the availability of a ton of A/B testing tools often makes it difficult for businesses to figure out which ones are a good fit, we have compiled a list of the ten best A/B testing tools for 2019, from the countless available on the market.

An important thing to mention before we start listing the tools is that we do not aim to give you comprehensive reviews of these tools. Instead, our goal here is to tell you about the best available options out there to make the selection process shorter and easier for you. Take a look and pick the ones that best suit your needs.

The Best A/B Testing Tools 

Here are the ten best A/B testing tools that can help you improve your website performance and ultimately the conversion rate:

Note: The tools aren’t listed in order of preference or quality – all of them are highly recommended. 


Optimizely is typically one of the top picks of CRO specialists when they work with enterprise-level clients. However, it is also an ideal choice for growing businesses because it offers a lot more than just A/B testing. This means that you won’t need to look for a new platform as your conversion optimization needs grow with time.

One of the reasons why Optimizely is a popular choice for A/B testing is that it allows businesses to run multiple A/B tests at the same time; whether they are on the same platform or different platforms. For example, if you want to A/B test the homepage and product page on your desktop site and the cart page on your mobile site for iOS devices, Optimizely allows you to run all these tests at the same time. The tool also allows you to run tests on a wider range of components, such as cookies, geography, and ads. No wonder it is used by many companies on the Fortune 100 list.

Despite the fact that Optimizely offers a range of advanced features, it is very easy to use. 


Visual Website Optimizer, generally referred to as VWO, is highly popular among small to midsized businesses. However, it is also often used by big corporations, along with Optimizely, for complex testing campaigns.

In addition to A/B testing tool, VWO also offers heatmaps, clickmaps, on-page surveys, and personalization tools. Within the A/B testing feature, the platform offers SmartStats that uses Bayesian statistics to help businesses run tests faster, get more control over the tests, and draw more accurate conclusions. It also provides a robust reporting dashboard that allows you to gauge the performance of a test.

The conversion rate optimization platform also allows you to run multivariate tests and split URL tests. Trusted by more than 4,500 enterprise brands, including Target, Virgin Holidays, and eBay, VWO is a comprehensive testing platform available at a great price. 

AB Tasty

Designed for marketing teams, AB Tasty not only offers an A/B testing tool, but also provides solutions for content personalization and re-engaging users. It also features heatmaps and page flow reports. However, the platform excels at A/B testing – it also provides options for multivariate testing, split testing, and funnel testing (a unique feature that allows businesses to test changes in user experience as they navigate the conversion funnel on their websites).

Another distinguishing feature of AB Tasty is the drag-and-drop editor that makes it extremely easy to work with. While some other testing platforms also feature similar editors, this is the best of all because it continues to work without affecting your workflow.

AB Tasty also comes with an advanced targeting option that lets you run tests, based on a variety of criteria, such as geolocation, URL, demographics, and weather.

AB Tasty is also reasonably priced, which makes it a great choice for small businesses with low budgets and those that are just starting conversion optimization.

Adobe Target

This A/B testing tool is great for websites that are already using Adobe Analytics. While it features a standard A/B testing tool, its personalization feature is enterprise level. In addition to these, the tool also offers mobile app optimization, automated personalization, as well as recommendations, based on the behavior of your customers and collected data.  

Adobe Target basically takes you through a three-step experimentation process that involves creating your variant, segmenting target audience, and then customizing the test settings and your goals.

While the features of this A/B testing software aren’t as good as that of Optimizely and VWO, what makes it a popular choice of many enterprise-level brands is its self-learning algorithms. Adobe Target automatically and continuously adjusts itself in order to make associations between the behavior of visitors and content in order to provide the best possible results to marketers. Simply put, this self-adjusting feature of Adobe Target will help you personalize the customer experience, which then leads to increased sales.


Offering A/B testing, multivariate testing, split testing, and tools for multipage experiments, Convert is an A/B testing and web personalization tool that is trusted by many big brands, like Sony and Jabra. The software also includes a tool for advanced segmentation that allows businesses to segment their users, according to their previous behavior, JavaScript events, and cookies. It also reports on a wide range of metrics, from click-through-rates on variations to the return on investment, and thus, can gauge the overall performance of all the tests you are running.

In addition to all these features, Convert also offers integration options with many third-party tools, including, but not limited to HubSpot, Shopify, and WordPress.

The software’s ease of use and excellent customer support are some more reasons for Convert’s popularity. The software is best suited for small to midsized businesses. 


An A/B testing tool specifically for landing pages that comes from one of the best landing page builders in the industry, Unbounce is known for its ease of use and user-friendliness. It lets you test and tweak any element of the landing page without any hassle or advanced technical knowledge. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can easily add and organize text, images, and videos to your landing page.

Unbounce is also compatible with a variety of other providers, such as MailChimp, Hubspot, Zoho, AWeber, Salesforce, and CampaignMonitor. 

The starting price of Unbounce is also highly affordable, which makes it a popular choice for small businesses and startups.


Just as the name suggests, Apptimize is a specialized A/B testing tool for mobile applications. Supporting a variety of code blocks, such as Swift, Java, Objective-C, Xamarin, and React Native, Apptimize lets you run cross-platform experiments, launch updates, and create personalized experiences without any hassle. 


Another comprehensive conversion optimization platform that provides on-page survey, segmentation, overlay, and personalization tools, along with an A/B testing tool, Omniconvert is a comparatively new player in the industry.

Considered a good option for beginners, Omniconvert lets you run A/B tests on multiple devices as well as allows you to turn the winning variants of a test into the control for the next test. It also lets you leverage Bayesian statistics for validation. While these features are really good, Omniconvert’s segmentation tool is undoubtedly one of the best of all available out there. It lets you test more than 40 segmentation parameters for improving your content, user experience, and product features.

Omniconvert is not only reasonably priced, but you can also test the tool for free; a free version is available for less than 10,000 visitors a month.

Google Optimize

If you are just beginning A/b testing and do not want to spend money on buying software, but you also want to experience what A/B testing really has to offer, Google Optimize is your best bet.

A great tool for business owners who self-manage their websites, Google Optimize can be integrated with the Google Analytics profile. This makes it a lot easier for business owners to prioritize different elements for testing. Google Optimize can also be integrated with Firebase and Google AdWords.

In addition to running A/B tests on desktop, you can also test and optimize your mobile website. Simply put, Google Optimize offers almost everything that you need for A/B testing, at the initial level, for free. What more do you want?


ClickFunnels need no introduction – it is one of the biggest names in the digital marketing industry these days. Although designed to help you build entire sales funnels, their A/B testing tool can help you come up with testing every part of your funnel (optin, sales page, checkout, etc.).

An easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require you to be technically proficient, ClickFunnels’ A/B testing tool can be used to run tests on literally everything – from landing pages to email integrations.

This will not only help you save money, as you won’t need to buy different tools for testing different elements, but also save your time and energy that you would put into using multiple tools.

Another amazing thing about ClickFunnels is that you can try it for free for 14 days. What else do you want? Try it first and buy only if you like it.

Here you go – these are our top 10 picks for the best A/B testing tools available on the market. Pick the one that best suits your needs and let us know how you find it. 

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