How to Pick the Best Offers for Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel
? In this video I'm going to show you how most affiliate marketers are making a big mistake when they just grab their affiliate links, and then they start plastering it all over the place. And it's really not the best way to do it.
There's one thing that you need to do before they actually sign up for an offer and start pushing their links.
And in this video I'm going to show you exactly what that is.
######################################################## ⭐⭐⭐ TRY THE AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP: ######################################################## [— TRANSCRIPTION —] Hey, in this video I'm going to show you how most affiliate marketers are kind of making a big mistake. They'd grabbed their affiliate links, they start pushing it to the merchants and start plastering their link all over the place. And it's really not the best way to do it. There's one thing that you need to do before they actually sign up for an offer and start pushing their links. And in this video I'm going to show you exactly what that is. Hi, I'm Nicolas Fradet. And before you even start building your affiliate funnel, you need to do this. Abraham Lincoln once said, give me six hours to chop down a tree. I'm going to spend the first four sharpening my axe. Now what does that mean?

Be prepared first

Basically it needs to meet to be prepared before you actually do something and actually in order to do it right. So when you talk about it feeling marketing, most people will sign up for a merchant, they'll grab their link, plaster it on their blog post or whatever, and then, you know, call it a day. That's really the wall wrong way to do it. Sure you can do it that way. If you have a ton of traffic, maybe you'll get some conversion. They will get get some referrals. I don't know. But the best way to do it is really not to do it that way.

Choosing the right affiliate offer for you AND your audience

So the first thing you need to do is it's choosing the right offer. Don't start signing up for all of the affiliate accounts that you can just so you can, you know what broaden your, your offer base or not and all that. And you need to actually choose an offer that can pay in the long run for you, for your audience. So for example, when you go to affiliate marketplace is like ClickBank or JV zoo or these things. You need to understand how these marketplaces work so that you can be better equipped to picking the right offer for your audience, for you to. So a lot of these market plays have pretty junky offers, pretty junky articles are or products and all that. So you want to maybe stay away from those. And the best way you do it is that you actually start to put into time to evaluate the offer yourself as if you were a customer before you actually become an affiliate of a product or a course or anything like that.

You need to become a customer

You, it's a good idea to actually buy it. Go through the funnel, go through the sales page, watched your videos, see how you know it would maybe grab your attention. You're probably pushing an offer that's in your niche. You probably know that niche. You know, you probably are invested and emotionally in it and all that. So you can probably relate to what your user's going to experience when they stumble upon that sales page. She'll go through it as a customer. So then you'll go through maybe purchasing it, maybe, um, you know, going through the, uh, the upsell sequence. Um, some email maybe you'll get after, um, look at what the product is. Is it a good quality product?

What is the affiliate cut?

What kind of percentage of, uh, of the action are you getting on each of these step in the funnel? Some affiliate marketers would own will only won't. We'll sign up for all of the offers while some offers will give you 50% of the proceeds on the first step and maybe 5% on the upsells. Some give you 50% on the entire funnel. Some will give you 10% on the first step and nothing after. You need to pay attention to these things you need to, it needs to be worth it for me. Anything on there? I'd say 20% and I prefer 25 30% of a referral I stay away from just because you know it's not worth it. Who's gonna wake up in the morning to make 10 bucks out of $100 sale. Now, if I can make 30 man, if I can make 50 and maybe if it's a recurring thing and maybe I can make even more on the upsell flow. Now that gets me interesting that now, now I can spend some time. And if you've looked at all of the videos I've put out are, maybe you've looked at my website, you know I talked quite a bit of a having a presale page and things like that. If you want to put in the effort about building that presale landing page in ClickFunnels, writing the copy and doing all of that, you know, it needs to be worth it. So stay away maybe from merchants that offer a very little percentage of the proceeds. See if there's a pay scale on the affiliate commissions. So the more you sell, the more you'll make. So typically for example, people can start at 20% once they sell, let's say a hundred units, they get to 30% and then maybe they get to 40% at some point. That's where you know, that's, that's really starts to become interesting.

Cookie length is important

One thing also to make sure, and when you're doing your research is how long does the cookie lasts? And that's something that, you know, many merchants will, will basically screw you on. So the cookies is something that people that visit the offer page, which your affiliate link will get cookied, what your affiliate ID. Now most people don't necessarily buy that second, you know, they'll make you, they'll, they'll look at the offer, they'll go back home. Maybe they'll buy in a week, two weeks, three weeks. It depends on the product. Sometimes it's, it's most of, most of the sales are immediate. Sometimes they take a long time. I've seen from my own clients, sometimes it can take up to 25 days until most of the purchase are made so that, you know, if the cookie lane or is like one week, two weeks, then when that person purchases at the 25 day Mark, you're not getting to commission, which is really, really awful. So look at how long the cookie lasts. Some the best merchants will have an [inaudible] and won't necessarily expire. I'm someone that get at least six months. Um, these are the kind of offers you want to patient attention to. And if the cookies like seven days, just walk away. It's not worth it. Um, unless they can really, really show your numbers that, you know, 90% of their sales on day one or something like that. So pay attention to that. Cause if you, you would be a bummer. I'd be, I think it's, it's, they're really messing up their affiliate systems when they have such short cookie days cause you're really doing all the grunt work. You're sending them a good qualified warm lead and then they're, they're basically not going to pay you because the person has bought 10 days after. So that's not right.

What is your customer's mindset?

Um, and perhaps the most important thing once you've, once you've set active D offer, this wouldn't, you know, feels checks all the boxes. It fills all, all of your needs and it's perfect for your audience and all that. And you said, okay, this one, this one's good. You need to find about, you know, what is the customer mindset, what are, they likes their appeals, um, whether they're their objections, their frustration, their challenges. You need to know that stuff. And before you actually send them over, because you know, you need to understand what's making them tick. What's appealing about the offers? So maybe you can mention that on your presale page. Um, what look at, you know, what they're doing on their website. If the copy's written well, they probably have done their homework and you can maybe swipe or borrow some of the ideas, the mindset that they have on their, on their sales page for your presale page and your content. Look at what may be competitors are doing. They probably have that nail and you can see a recurring themes on, on, on the same objection, same some issues and patterns that people are experiencing. It's probably a good, a good, a good, I'm going to wait in good track to maybe follow an ending. Incorporate that in your content, your email. If you're doing email marketing for affiliate offers, um, call their sales and support team. Why not call them up and see how they respond to your questions. Um, maybe you know, when you were becoming a customer right before you even chose that offer, you had some questions. Call them up and see how they respond. Maybe they'll give you some great answers that you can use in your copy. And your content to push that offer, um, and ask yourself and, and go and visit. Where do is these prospect hangout? Do they, are they, you know, do they have like a forum, a Facebook group, a, um, a blog of some sort that's pretty big that people comment on all the time. Visit those places and see how you know, what kind of questions people are asking and try to solve these questions before you actually send them to the offer page. So all of these things can go quite a long way. Don't choose junk offers. Make sure that they don't mess with you and the cookie linked and then the affiliate commissions and the pay scale and all that, and make sure that it's on point and that you, you'll get your own fair share. Don't settle for very limited affiliate commissions. It's not going to be worth in the end. And, and look at what your customer will experience one thing once they get there and try to warm them up and pre-sell them. That's really the best way to do it. And if you visited my own website, you'll see I have a lot of articles that colds on oi. I feel like marketing on building the proper funnel once you've selected the offer and all the, how do you structure your funnel, things like that. And so I've linked to some of these resources in the bottom and in the comments. Please let me know what you think about this article. If there's something that you think I'm missing. If you have any questions, things like that, I'd be glad to hear about your success stories. Maybe with things you're struggling with so I can help you out even more. So next time. Until next time, I'm Nicolas Fradet and good luck. ———————– ⭐⭐⭐ TRY THE AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP: SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH A FRIEND: GET MY BEST-CONVERTING FUNNEL FREE: ———————–


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