ClickFunnels: What Is It and Should You Care? (Hint: Yes!)







Here is my take on ClickFunnels, what is it and why should I care, why should you care? The answer is yes but I'll explain why in a second.

What is ClickFunnels?

Basically ClickFunnels is a funnel builder tool, so it allows you to build entire funnels. You can customize them any way you want, any shape or form you want depending on your business, what you're trying to sell and achieve.

A couple of examples here that they talk on their website. If you want to sell, for example, a book, it could be a product, it could be anything, really, you have them come maybe on the page, on a product page. Then they enter their credit card information. Then you can send them to a whole suite of upsells and one-time offers so that eventually they get to a thank you page.

This is a raw transcript of the video without major alterations for readership. To best learn how to create an optin page with ClickFunnels, simply watch the video directly this page.

All of these single pages can be set up in ClickFunnels and also anything that links them together, meaning, that after I click on the “add to cart,” I get to the credit card. Then when I click on “buy” I go to the upsell. Then I go to the second upsell, then a thank you page. All of these are built within ClickFunnels. You can also take payment within ClickFunnels. Everything can be done within their platform.

Jeff Walker's Product Launch Funnel

Another example is a product launch funnel. If you know anything about Jeff Walker, for example, he's called the author of the Product Launch Formula. It's based on this. Basically, when you're launching a product or a service, you can have your leads and prospects go through a series of videos that teach them who you are, gives them a lot of confidence and trust about you because you're giving to them some good advice and all that and eventually you want to sell them on something. You can set all of that up within ClickFunnels, again, so a series of videos and eventually getting to the final offer, the video sales letter, for example.

The Perfect Webinar Funnel

You can set what they call the perfect webinar funnel, so it could be an evergreen webinar. It could be a webinar replay. Once they get to the confirmation page, they're taken to the webinar, and then they watch the webinar. They can, again, buy your product or service on that webinar. Eventually, they'll get more emails about maybe the replay and replay … Maybe for urgency, we're going to take this webinar down, and eventually it's not available anymore for them. This is a funnel you can create in ClickFunnels. There's a whole bunch of them, really. The sky is the limit no matter what the type of business you're in. I'm sure you have some kind of sales funnel already or maybe you're looking to build one and ClickFunnels is really a great tool to do that.

Let me take you to the ClickFunnel dashboard. Once you're actually a member, this is what you'll be seeing in your account. This is an account I set up for this demo. The left-hand side here is basically all the funnels I've set up for this account and, on the right-hand side, it has my name, my email, obviously, and this is the plan I have. For 97 bucks a month, basically, I think it's a no-brainer because this is really such an exciting tool to work with, but you get 40,000 visits per month, a hundred pages and 20 funnels, which is I guess it's more than plenty for everyone out there that's just starting out or has a small to medium business. Anyway, you can upgrade if you need more than that. But I think to start out, it's totally worth it and you're totally fine with those kinds of numbers.

How to Create a New Funnel

Once you've set up those funnels, you can see you can access them all over here. If you want to add a new one, I just click on “add funnel” and just collect emails, for example. With an opt-in page and a thank you page, I can sell a product. This would be more of a sales page, add to cart and then maybe some upsells and things like that, or I can set up a webinar funnel that we just saw earlier in the video, or you can start from scratch and you can create your totally custom funnel. All of these funnels no matter what option you choose can be totally customized, and it can be changed or reshaped and all that. It's really up to your imagination. The idea of setting up and just choosing one of these to start with is that if you're going to sell a product and you know you need maybe a sales page and then a cart and then a upsell sequence, this will just pre-populate it for you, and it'll save you some time, so you can start with that.

I've got some new funnels I've already set up. I want to show you what they look like. Let's say that you just wanted to have an opt-in page and a thank you page. This is what it looks like once it's already set up. ClickFunnels just built some pages for me, and I'm using this template that I really like. It was actually built by the ClickFunnels team so it's a good converter. It looks good and it works. Then, basically they built the opt-in page and then the thank you page.

For each of these, you can create variations if you want to split test. I'm just going to show you just thank you pages, a very basic thank you page where you say, “Here's the report.” You can download it. You have some share buttons for out of traffic, free traffic with social media.

I just want to show you how simple it is to either create your control or just a variation to A/B test it. I'm going to create a template and you'll see here all the templates for opt-in pages that ClickFunnels provide you for free. All of these you can add to any funnel you want, and basically it really depends on what kind of information you're trying to portray and what kind of opt-in page you're looking for. Some are very, very easy like this one, very simple. Maybe there's a countdown. You can click on the button to opt-in. Maybe you want to have a video like this one. Maybe it's more of a book cover like this one here. Maybe it's a map like this one here. Really the sky is the limit and, again, all of these can be customized and changed super easily within the editor. You can change the wording, any of the colors, the font, the spacing. Anything can be changed. Some of these have background images, images as background. You can add those to any of these.

A/B Testing with ClickFunnels

Let's say just for the sake of the A/B testing just to show you how easy it is, I'm going to choose the first one. Let's save the page and continue. Just add it to this page here to the funnel. And, as you can see here, ClickFunnels is creating the variation. Now, obviously, at this point, it just has blank text and I'd like to have it fit my business, so I'm going to show you exactly how you do that in a second. But, basically, you don't have to do a split test. It just maybe is better. As a conversion optimization consultant and A/B testing specialist, I would certainly recommend you to A/B test all the pages in your funnels but that's another story.

If I just want you to create one page or a variation, changing it is very easy. You go into the editor and the editor is pretty self-explanatory. You can hover over an element and then change it. For example, in some of the test I've run for clients, I know that adding some kind of element, some kind of icon, forward moving icon to the right of a call to action has proven to me time and time again that it might be a good idea to … It adds to conversion, all that. I'm going to add this to the button. You can see how easy that was. Maybe I think the blue should be something else, so I'm going to change the blue to, let's say, red. All right. This is the tweak. Obviously, you can change any wording, any copy, any spacing, anything like that and you can give them a link to the video that it's going to play.

I'm just going to save this just to give you some example of what you can do with the editor. It's going to ask you for SEO title, description, the keywords, your name and maybe an image for social sharing and all that. I'm just going to keep them as is for now, and I'm going to back to the final step. If I'm ready to go, I can start to split test and start sending traffic to it. The thank you page is the same way. You can choose form templates. You can split test the thank you page. It's really super easy and that was just an opt-in funnel.

I'm going to go back and show you a much more complex funnel which is this one here what I call the opt-in, VSL, upsell and membership. You can see this one will have many more steps in the funnel than just the opt-in. The opt-in is just two pages and this one, you can see how many pages this one has. Like I said, the sky is the limit. This one starts with you could say a blog post. Let's just check it out here to show you. Obviously, I can tweak any of this, but you can start with just maybe a … You call this an advertorial or standalone landing page. It looks like a blog post. This is what you can have. If I opt-in, then basically I'm taken to the next step which is the sales page. This one can also be A/B testing. You can see a totally different template here on the right-hand side so you can test some things drastically different on the same step.

VSL & Sales Pages

When I get to the sales page, it's going to look like a long form sales letter, and then it basically looks pretty much like what we saw. You can have a VSL here and then an add to cart button. Add to cart button can appear after a certain amount of time, so it makes it a bit more … People are more focused on the video and they watch it a bit more. Eventually, they get to the order form. I want to show you that one so you know what it looks like. This is a pretty simple one. Here is a recap of what you'll get: an image, some trust building icons here, the form itself, and eventually you complete the order, some guarantee, some seals and all that for security and trust. Basically, then you complete the order. You can add some kind of a payment option synchronization with ClickFunnels like Stripe, for example, is a popular one.

When I've paid on that order form, then I get to the first upsell. The upsells, you can have as many as you want. You can change it around. You can see it can move some steps if I want to change, let's say, the third upsell to the fourth one. These are pretty simple, basic upsells but you can see what you can do. I have a progress bar at the top. Wait, Nicolas, special one-time offer. Read this carefully and you have maybe your sales pitch. Eventually they get to, “Yeah, yeah, I do want this,” or “I want to add it to 197,” or, “I don't need this.” No matter what they choose basically, if they choose “add it,” it's automatically billed to their credit card. If they say “No thanks,” they get to the next upsells. There's a quite a few of them. Then you get to the confirmation page which basically then say, “Hey, thanks. Good job and welcome to the family.” You can send emails to anyone that gets through your funnel.

For example, this one was actually a membership area so access to a membership. You can eventually send them to an opt-in, not an opt-in page but a login page for the membership, so that they can log into their account and get to the actual membership where you've created within ClickFunnels. You've set up all the videos, for example, for the course you were selling or anything like that so they can go through the membership area the same way.

Get Funnels for FREE

You can see how exciting this is and how easy it is to set up an entire business really on ClickFunnels. I can't stress this enough. It has totally changed the way I do business. I use ClickFunnels everyday. It's a core part of my business. If you don't use ClickFunnels or a tool like that, I think you're really missing out. It's going to cost you a whole bunch of … I can't even think about how expensive it would be to have all of this coded. Even if you're using other tools like OptimizePress, LeadPages and all that, I don't think it really come close to what ClickFunnels does. Honestly I think they're disrupting the market. They're really making big headways and allowing solopreneurs and small businesses to build some strong funnels that you really can't do with other tools. They're always in the cutting edge of what we can do and things that can be done within their tool. They listen to the community and they add to the tool suite on a monthly basis and they always come up with something that's, “Oh, man. This is so smart. I'm going to use it in my funnel.”

I hope you now understand what ClickFunnel is. I hope you now care. And, maybe one last word before I wrap this up. Underneath this video, there's going to be a link to ClickFunnels if you want to check it out. But, also, if you want to grab this funnel, this entire funnel or the opt-in funnel I showed you, the yellow opt-in funnel or this one entirely, these I'll actually share with you for free if you go to Check it out. It's totally free. Basically ClickFunnels allows you to share funnels with other users.

I built these and I've actually … The yellow one was actually built by ClickFunnels, but I purchased it because they have also a marketplace. You can purchase some funnels yourself if you don't want to go through the hassle, but I've purchased it already. I'm willing to share it with you for totally free. Check it out at Look at the link below and I hope you take me up on my offer because really these funnels and ClickFunnels itself is just an awesome tool. I hope you see how exciting this is and just imagine how you can apply this to your business and how it would improve I guess the productivity and how it would improve your everyday life after you started to use a tool like this. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, let me know below. But, wrapping this up and go check out the ClickFunnels.


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