Watch this poor guy show disgust & anger micro expression on “The Bachelorette”

This video features a contestant on the TV show The Bachelorette. Enjoy!

– Video Transcript –

Hey everybody. Nicolas Fradet here for my VIP blog. This week, we’re going to look at what we call microexpressions and microexpressions are very quick and fleeting emotions on our – flashes of emotions in our face that are repressed emotions.

Hiding Our Emotions

And so whenever we want to hide our emotions, when we don’t want to reveal them and that could be in any situation really, what will happen is that we will try to keep our usual face. We will try to keep a poker face but what will happen is that will flash very quickly, less than a second, maybe one-fifth to one-twenty fifth of a second, what is called a micro-expression. And micro-expressions are simply if you feel disgusted about something, if you feel anger or surprised about – if you’re surprised about something, what might happen is that you will show – for that fifth of a second, you will show surprise in your face.

But it will be really, really fast and sometimes it’s pretty subtle but let’s look at an example here. This is from The Bachelorette and I’ve discussed this show before. I always like looking at these reality TV shows. They’re really intense for the people that participate in them and that this is real for them. They don’t want to – especially here, this is the rose ceremony so if you know the show, this is when the girl will give the guys a rose and if they want to stay on the show, if they want to pursue the relationship with that bachelorette, they don’t want to go home. They want to get that rose.

And unfortunately this guy that we see on the screen here has just realized that he’s not getting the rose. He’s going home. The bachelorette doesn’t necessarily see a future with – in between them. So he’s not getting a rose. So we will look at him and I will play the video and then I will comment after.

All right. So that was it. That was really fast and this one is pretty easy to see. You might have noticed some kind of twitching in his face. His face is very neutral. There’s not much going on. He’s not talking. He’s not being expressive at all so it’s pretty easy to see that there was kind of something there in his face. But what I’m going to do, I’m going to play it in slow motion here and you will see exactly what happened and you can see this is a beautiful micro-expression really and he will show us actually two emotions that he’s feeling at the time here.

Two microexpressions in one!

So let’s watch it here. This is kind of his neutral face and then he shows his micro-expression right here. So I will pause it here. So watch what happened. This is kind of – this is a great micro-expression. You can see there are two emotions here. You can see that his upper lip here is being raised upwards and that’s a sign of disgust and also there’s some wrinkling here on the top nose area and it’s also being pushed up. This is also a sign of disgust but also what’s great about this micro-expression is that there’s also anger involved. You can see that the eyes are glaring and also that the eyelids here and the lower area of his forehead here is being pushed together and downwards and that’s a sign of anger.

Actually if I don’t show you the forehead and actually cover the glaring of the eyes, you might see disgust. You might see and imagine him smelling something that smells bad or seeing something that is kind of disgusting him. And if I hide the lower area of his face, it will only show you the glaring of the eyes and the frowning here on the forehead. You will probably notice that he’s kind of angry here.

So you put two and two together. He’s showing both disgust and anger and in this case, it’s pretty easy to figure out why. He just – he’s not getting a rose. He’s feeling bummed about it and not necessarily happy about it so that’s why he’s showing us this microexpression. And like I said, this was kind of easy to see. At least notice some kind of twitching or some kind of muscle movement here but if you’re an observed – if you know about micro-expression, you can probably figure out that also he was showing disgust and anger.

So look for these microexpressions in the faces of your business partners and potential clients. They might give you an indication on their state of mind. They really are a snapshot of their emotional state when they express that micro-expression. So they’re feeling disgusted and angry in this case when they show that micro-expression.

So look for those facial expressions in the faces of your colleagues and all of your business relationships. They will give you an accurate state of mind of their feelings and how they see maybe what you’re telling them and what you’re selling. If you tell them that you have a product out and you specify some features and at some point, they flash you disgust or something like that, then there might be some issue there with one of your features that they don’t really like. So you might want to diffuse that negative feeling that they’re getting now with your product or service.

So look for these micro-expressions. You will see on my website there are some links there to micro-expression training. Look for these. They’re great to look for and really get a great snapshot into your business associate’s state of mind. All right. I will see you next time.

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