Fall Campaigns – 6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Marketing Game

The fall season in Canada is a wonderful time of the year. With cooler temperatures overall, this season provides respite from the summer months’ heat and precludes the winter months’ arrival. For Canadians, fall is the sweet spot for going outside to witness the spectacular transformation of foliage from green to different shades of red, orange, and yellow. 

Beyond just the beautiful change in temperature and outdoor aesthetics, fall provides a unique opportunity for marketers as well. While it’s not quite the holiday rush of December, important holidays, like Halloween and Black Friday, are still marketing events that companies need to take advantage of to create a momentum that will last until Christmas. 

To give you an idea, here are six marketing ideas that you can use for your own fall marketing campaigns. 

  1. The New Normal 

The pandemic has drastically affected everyone’s spirits, and everybody could stand to save a few loonies through seasonal promos and discounts. With many businesses forced to close or scale down operations during the pandemic, a tactful but well-executed volley of promotions and discounts is an excellent way to jumpstart the economy and get people back on their feet. 

  1. Back to School 

With the opening of classes, you best be prepared for the rush of parents and students rushing to buy school supplies. With many college students affected by the pandemic, offering exclusive student-only discounts can boost sales and earn you brownie points from your following. 

  1. Oktoberfest

If you’ve never sold beer before, this German holiday is an excellent excuse to do so without being too off-brand. To make your eCommerce store stand out, you can temporarily change your theme to something beer-related. 

If you already sell beer, then you’re already on the right track for this! You can lean into the spirit of the holiday by offering tie-in products, such as beer mugs or bottle openers. 

  1. Halloween 

With the pandemic raging on, Halloween costumes and paraphernalia sales might take a hit, but it’s wise to let the market speak for itself. After all, there’s no reason not to enjoy candy and don a fun costume within the comfort of your home. 

You will definitely want to step up your content marketing with holiday-appropriate posts and help your eCommerce store stand out with Halloween-themed designs. 

  1. Black Friday 

Like everywhere else, Black Friday in Canada is a time for bargains. To raise your eCommerce product page conversions, ensure that bargain prices and discounts are emphasized! However, in order to set your customer’s expectations, it would be wise to indicate that the rush of orders during this holiday may result in shipment delays. 

  1. Christmas Preparations 

Once Black Friday passes, then Christmas is practically at your doorstep. Naturally, you don’t want to be too early for your Christmas sale, as there are still many holidays to prepare for in the Fall season. 

However, don’t be too late either! If you’ve successfully ridden the waves of special holidays and events, treat Christmas as your finish line and end your year with a bang. Use this time to plan your approach for the biggest holiday of the year. 


Successful marketing efforts are three parts careful planning and one part masterful execution. To ride the crest of holidays with excellent sales numbers, ensure that you are planning your marketing strategies in advance. If you’re a bit lost on how to handle all these, then it’s best to consult with an expert to help boost your sales.

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