Flirting Body Language.

Flirting is the best sweetest way to get someone's attention. It's all about using flirting body language to stress what's on your mind. Sometimes words may not be enough when flirting, hence one needs some warm body language that will well define what's in someone's heart. Since it's a romantic overture, one should do away with the verbal flirting and starting embracing the art of flirting with body language. Flirting body language should not be all about being a coquette or a womanizer, it can also be about showing that you mind and care.

Some actions one can use in flirting body language are :

1. Giving an eye contact which can be done without blinking and starring.

2. Flicking one's hair in a slow manner when one is listening or talking.

3. By giving a brief touch, this can be done on the cheek or arm.

4. Proximity is a fine way of body flirting, the closeness passes the message that you're glad to be near that person.

Flirting body language can be improved in many ways such as:

1. Groom yourself first, look attractive.

Inorder to play the game right, self hygiene counts to get someone's attention. No one wants to be approached by an unkempt individual, smelling sweat or having bad breathe. Look smart by wearing well fitting clothes, well designed and up to date.

2. Get to know your expectations.

When doing flirting body language, get to know what your aim is. Some flirting experience may go on for a while and one may tend to develop feelings for the other person. It may lead to heartbreak if the other party isn't serious or when you eventually realise the person is married. Some people may never even meet again.

3. Read and be sure about body language.

Before flirting begins, one should have read correctly what the other persons body language says. Some signs may mislead hence make one end up looking silly. Once you read some of the body language, be keen to look at others to be sure before making that crucial step. This should be a fun experience from the beginning.

4. Make eye contact.

This step can be used before the beginning of the flirt, and also often after passing the fast glance. This should be done with care though. One should avoid starring. This should be done in a quick gaze, making the eyes smile. You can make another quick gaze to see whether the other person is interested. If the eyes meet, then bingo you are in the game.

5. Start a conversation.

This can be easily done when one notices whats appealing to them and compliments it. Hopefully as the conversation goes on, spot areas of interests like if one loves pets, reading books, politics, and stress on those topics. This will display that your'e interested and both of you can blend well together.

6. Give attention to the other person.

As you are having a conversation, pay attention to every detail. Everyone wants to be listened to and everyone wants to be correct. So avoid arguing, laugh to their jokes and always respond with a nod where necessary.

7. Be willing to share information about yourself.

It is unwise to share information about oneself too soon, at the same time it is healthy to disclose a few things. This conversation should be reciprocal in that everyone gets the chance to talk about what one does, what they like. This way one will be able to know any similarities shared and intimacy will eventually grow.

8. Show flirting body language.

This can be used to break personal space boundaries. It should be done with caution as some signs maybe offensive to the other person. One can brush hands quickly, hold one's hand when being directed to sit or crossing the road. If signs are displayed that one feels uncomfortable, then one should withdraw to easen the situation.

9. Learn the art of closing a deal.

Once the flirting is successful, and one feels that they need to meet again, ask for their number. It is good to prepare yourself psychologicaly if a person isn't interested. If the deal goes through, repeat the tips of flirting again and you never know, it may develop into  a serious relationship lasting for a lifetime.

Flirting body language will become a success when the greatest secret is applied, smile.

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