An Objective Review of Funnel Scripts

You must have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ many times.

It may sound cliché, but it is true that content or the copy of marketing and sales materials is the ultimate determining factor between a high-converting funnel and a poor one.

While most digital marketers are aware of the importance of a good copy, many struggle to create it on their own (honestly, it’s no easy feat!). As a result, most of them outsource content creation. According to LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, only 25% of marketers do not outsource any content.

Hiring a copywriter may seem like the easiest and best way to get well-written content for your business, but it’s not. A simple Google search will tell you that good copywriters charge a handsome amount of money, whereas those who work at low-rates don’t produce the best content.

Here are the top results that show up on Upwork when searching for the Best Copywriters for Hire in the United States:

Knowing that a large number of business owners and marketers struggle to create good copies, which eventually takes a huge toll on their marketing strategies, Russell Brunson came to the rescue, once again.

Combining his knowledge and expertise in creating high-converting sales funnels with the copywriting talent of renowned professional copywriter Jim Edwards, Russell created a software that automated the process of copywriting.

Named Funnel Scripts, the software created a buzz in the e-commerce industry. But, does it truly eliminates the need for hiring a professional copywriter? Let’s explore!

What Is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a copywriting software that has been created to fulfill the copywriting needs of e-commerce businesses without having to hire a professional copywriter. The software claims to provide marketers with high-converting copies for all their sales and marketing materials within just ten minutes and that too at a fraction of the cost that they pay to professional copywriters.

Funnel Scripts can be used to create copy for:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pages
  • Lead capture pages
  • Emails
  • Headlines
  • CTAs
  • Subject lines
  • Ad copies
  • Sales letters, including video sales letters
  • Product descriptions
  • Webinars or any other video script

The software comes with a huge variety of pre-written copies. But, it customizes them for every business using the information provided by a user.  

According to the manufacturers, the copies created by Funnel Scripts are customized according to the products or services that a business offers, the unique challenges it faces, and its target audience.

What’s Included in Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts includes:

  • A huge variety of scripts for all stages of the sales funnel.
  • Six downloadable script wizards – the Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, and Star, Story, Solution Wizard, Podcast, and Facebook Live Interview Wizard, and Master Class Wizard.
  • Training videos for every single script.
  • Live training webinars every month to offer guidance about the best ways to use the software.

How Does Funnel Scripts Work?

Every script in the software comes with a simple form with questions related to your business, products or services, target audience, and goals. The information that you provide is used by the software to convert the pre-written sales copies into customized copies that help you attract more people and maximize conversions.

Some people argue that the copies created by the software aren’t unique. Yes, they are not, but when it comes to sales content, your goal is not to create content that is unique, but high-performing. And that’s exactly Funnel Scripts copies do! It produces copies that help you attract and convert your target audience.

The software also offers multiple variations of the same copy, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements and goals. It also allows you to edit the generated copies to make them more apt for your business.

Who Is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?

While anyone with an online business can use and benefit from Funnel Scripts, the software is specifically targeted towards business owners and marketers who:

  • Cannot write killer content copies on their own
  • Don’t have time to write content
  • Cannot afford or don’t want to pay huge bucks every now and then to get copies written from good copywriters
  • Want to speed up the process of copywriting

If you’re still struggling to figure out if Funnel Scripts is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Can you afford to spend time perfecting the art of copywriting, knowing that it can take anywhere from a few weeks to even years?
  • Can you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in getting copies written by a professional copywriter who’s really good at it?
  • Even if you are a good copywriter yourself, can you regularly take out time from your busy schedule to create high-converting copies for all your sales and marketing materials?

If you answered ‘no’ to the above questions, you could benefit from Funnel Scripts.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper and identify the best and not-so-good features of the copywriting software.

The Salient Features of Funnel Scripts

Here are some of the best features of Funnel Scripts:

Sales Copy – They Are Readable and Interesting

The biggest reason why content generating software has generally got a bad rap among digital marketers is that most of them produce spun content (article spinning has truly scarred us for life). However, Sales Funnel is not your average content generator, so it doesn’t spin content.

The software contains a large number of pre-built templates for almost every sales and marketing material you could possibly need. As mentioned above, it takes input from the users and then uses it to customize existing templates. While the copy isn't extraordinary, it is pretty decent. The best thing is that the copy is readable, quite interesting, and optimized for conversions. Modeled on tried and tested copywriting techniques and formulas, the copy that Funnel Scripts generate do not fall flat on your customers.

Downloadable Wizards

Taking into account the fact that not everyone can manage to be online all the time, the creators of Funnel Scripts also created an online version of the software, which is essentially an online application. That’s so thoughtful on their part, isn’t it?

Apart from making it easier for everyone to access Funnel Scripts anywhere anytime, the offline version also generates more in-depth content than the online interface, which primarily aims to speed up the copywriting process.

The offline version includes hundreds of built-in templates, categorized into the following six downloadable wizards:

  1. The Perfect Webinar Wizard – As the name suggests, it helps you create scripts for webinars. But, this is not the only thing that it does. The wizard also offers copies for promotional emails, ads, and follow-up emails for every webinar you host.
  2. Easy Survey Script – This section of offline Funnel Scripts allows you to create your own customized survey forms just by answering a few questions. Along with the survey, it also provides additional question suggestions, allowing you to edit and further customize it.
  3. Star, Story, Solution Script – This section of the software helps you create killer (read engaging and high-converting) sales stories.
  4. Video Sales Letter (VSL) Wizard – Every time you fill out the VSL Wizard form, you get two different scripts for your video sales letter, based on the two proven and most popular types of sales copy; Problem, Agitate, Solve and Great Big Promise.
  5. Podcast and Facebook Live Interview Wizard – As evident from the name, this wizard creates scripts for podcasts and Facebook Live interviews. All you have to do is to answer a few questions and select the type of interview you need the script for, and the software will do it for you.
  6. Master Class Wizard – Build attractive and engaging promotional material for your Master Class with this feature of the Funnel Scripts software.

While the process of creating copies offline is a little longer – you may need to answer over 70 questions for some copies – it is worth the time and effort. The copies that you receive are highly optimized for your business.

To make the answering process a little easier, each wizard offers helpful tips and comprehensive examples.

Every downloadable wizard comes with an explanatory video to guide the new users and is adaptable to both Windows and Mac.

While the downloadable wizards are great for the most part, there are a couple of downsides to them.  Firstly, they do not allow you to skip questions that may seem irrelevant or unimportant to you. Secondly, they do not offer a list or grid view of all the questions, so you can easily jump back and forth. So, if you are on question 40 and would like to go back and make some changes in your answer to question 10, you would have to click the ‘Previous’ button 30 times. This can make navigating between the questions a nightmare.

However, on the plus side, the downloadable wizards allow you to export the scripts in Word or PowerPoint files.

The Hidden Bonuses

Who doesn’t love bonuses?

The creators of Funnel Scripts have made sure to hit just the right spot with their clients by offering them access to three modules with the purchase of the software. The bonus modules are:

  1. Inception Secrets – The recording of a live session conducted by Russell Brunson on the secrets of selling. For those who do not know, the word ‘inception’ in the marketing world refers to the idea of selling any product or service to any person in a way that the buyer believes it was their idea.
  2. Funnel Blueprints – An interactive PDF file containing all the templates that are included in the ‘funnel scripts application’ categories in different sections of the software. This section also explains all the scripts to help new users understand which script is ideal for what purpose.
  3. Five Fast Funnels – A collection of pre-built funnel templates that can be used with ClickFunnels.

While these bonuses aren’t technically hidden, they come as a nice surprise to users who don’t know about them already.

 The bonuses are available at the bottom of the navigation sidebar.

How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost?

Unlike most digital marketing software, Funnel Scripts doesn’t have monthly or yearly pricing plans. Instead, there is an only one-time fee to gain lifetime, unlimited access to all features of the software, and that costs $797.

Is There a Free Trial Available for Funnel Scripts?

Unfortunately, you cannot try out the software before making the purchase. However, it does come with a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, you can always claim your money back if you do not like the software, which is very unlikely.

The Not-So-Good Things about Funnel Scripts

While Funnel Scripts is good for the most part, here are a few issues that I identified while working with the software:

Some Scripts Do Not Offer Any Real Value

Although most of the scripts that the software generates live up to the claims and expectations, a few miss the mark. In some cases, the software doesn’t add much to the information provided by the user, which loses the whole point of using the software.

However, this happens only rarely, which you’re good for the most part.

It May Not Be Affordable for Everyone

If you do the math, Funnel Scripts definitely costs less than hiring a full-time copywriter. While this makes it a great deal for businesses that regularly need to generate new copies, it may not be ideal for small businesses with not-so-frequent needs for copies to spend about $800 on one software.

The Pros and Cons of Funnel Scripts

Here’s a round-up of the major pros and cons of this unique copywriting software:

Pros of Funnel Scripts

  • Easy to use
  • Speeds up the copywriting process
  • Make the copywriting process highly cost-effective
  • Includes tons of training material
  • Includes both online and offline versions
  • Offer a huge variety of scripts
  • Generated copies follow the proven formulas and techniques to get higher conversions, for the most part
  • The scripts are editable
  • Works for almost every industry and niche

The Cons of Funnel Scripts

  • Some scripts are thin – contains very little apart from the information provided by the user.
  • Navigating through questions in downloadable wizards has been made unnecessarily complicated.
  • Somewhat expensive for smaller businesses or those that do not have high and frequent content needs.

The Final Verdict

While Funnel Scripts is not the first application of its kind, it is definitely a lot different and better than most other similar ones available out there. It not only generates much better quality content but also offers a lot more options than its competitors.

Whether it’s worth investing in the software for your business primarily depends on how much and how often you need new sales content. But, overall, Funnel Scripts is a great software for making the copywriting process quicker and less costly.

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