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Hey what's up I'm Nicolas and welcome to Online Marketing for Profits.

This is episode 1 of the show and today is all about introducing myself. So you know my story and what kind of journey I've been on and what I bring to the table most importantly how I plan to grow your own business and also to give you kind of a quick plans of what you can expect from the show.

What kind of subjects I'm gonna talk about and perhaps most importantly especially in the beginning here, how I would like for you to give me feedback and give me you know tell me what you like about the show and what you, you know what parts of the show and kind of subjects I could be discussing and perhaps you know, your favorite subjects and things you really, really liked and maybe I should go into even more detail than what I plan on to do and you know while it's always nice to get a pat on the back and to know that you're doing something well whether it's, you know if you're still entrepreneur or you want to start your own business soon, you want to make sure you're on the right track, or if you have your, you know your own employees or if you know, you have your boss you want to please and do good work for.

It's always nice to know what you're doing right but most importantly perhaps is, you know even more important to know what you're doing wrong and so in that feedback I'm really looking forward to finding out what perhaps you, maybe things you don't like as much and things I might want to improve on and at that kind of feedback, for me I strongly believe is even more valuable cause that's how you improve, that's how we improve websites by asking people what's wrong with it and that's how I improve myself by seeking feedback and having others tell me my faults and so I can act on them and improve.

My VERY A-typical Journey…

Engineer in rocks!

I guess my journey starts about 16 years ago now I think. I started as an engineer in geology so I was a geological engineer for a few years. I have a bachelor's degree in that and you know if you're trying to link geology and studying rocks to online marketing, there's not much there. I can't really find the link myself but I guess it was enough for me to figure out that this entrepreneurial fire I had in me and you know frustrations like having to ask my boss for vacation time or having to justify everything I did just wasn't going to cut it for me.

I was looking for more freedom than that and eventually financial freedom but mostly freedom from whole grind of 9 to 5 and having to you know show up every single day and do basically the same thing. I just wanted to be more versatile than that and not how to ask permission for anything.

Professional Poker Player

So I've been working online for the past about 15 years and you know throughout my last years as an engineer, I really started to, my journey is quite I guess atypical. Yes, I was an engineer and then I kind of stumbled upon the game of poker and I started playing with friends, you know, on a Friday night game. This is way before we actually had poker on TV and I guess it was more mainstream. You know, played the game with friends and it's always fascinated with strategic games and chess and monopoly and backgammon and games like that, more traditional games.

This poker thing seem to be you know right in there where there were two different strategy at least I thought it will. So I read some books and I studied the game, traveled in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and all over and really became you, know, a much better poker player and to a point where…at some point I was earning, I think, twice as much playing poker than I was as an engineer.

So I quit my job as an engineer, that was kind of the push I needed to, I wasn't going to quit my job as an engineer just for the sake of taking a huge gamble is more you know, methodical and I needed to make sure statistically that, yes, I was kind of earning more per hour playing this game.

So I finally did that and through my poker years from about 2001 to 2008, I started to build websites, informational websites about poker.


Building –  and Selling – Online Businesses

And that's really where my education about starting and growing online businesses started. I would build them from scratch. I did some coding back in the days, I did, would do the design, you know the SCO community management, social media when it came, the design and everything I think as an educative copy, whether it was related to the website.

I did that and it was really a huge learning curve to start with cause also back then, we didn't have the level of information we now have but it really gave me I think a good foundation of how to build a website from scratch and to grow an online business and that business, poker related and all that, I finally sold in 2008, decided to move on from that and launched some products.

Body Language Expert

You know through my poker days, I really started to become interested in the human behavior aspect of poker. So poker-tels like we used to call, like we call them. So human behavior, you know, nervousness, ticks when people are bluffing or when they're strong with a big hand. In studied with that, I studied with some grates of body language in the world, so some university and college professors that study this stuff on a day to day basis and also from law enforcement agents like FBI and US Marshals that actually apply what the science tells us in real life situation, real life high stake situations.

That can easily be translated to the poker. So i really started to do that eventually, kind of figured it out that this whole thing could also be translated to the corporate world where when you meet the client for the first time and you speak in public. When you're negotiating at a table of big business deal, you know these are the same high stake situation that body language can be really be useful as far as presenting yourself in the proper way but also you know picking up cues about the person you're speaking with to figure out what they're thinking and perhaps gaining, I wouldn't say an advantage but gaining and then you know getting into their mind as to what they're thinking so you can better you know position yourself.

From Online Courses to Conversion Rate Expert Consultant

So, after selling that poker business, I moved into info products and launching products online. So launching online courses and things like that and eventually did some consulting work, was a public speaker about body language and for entrepreneurs and body language in corporate settings and after that I stumbled upon a website called conversion rate experts and that was in 2010. Started to really be and get interested in conversion optimization, what that was all about an AB testing and things like that and just was fascinating to me that you could just run a test on a webpage and you could instantly, not instantly cause it all work behind it but basically see the results and grow a business.

That way specially the part where it was quite evident that you know she did take this right, you could show it before and after picture of a page and show you know, this one is converting 15, 20, 30, 50 percent better than the previous one which is not something that's easily done in everything that we do online unless you actually, yeah test it. So these conversion rate experts guy were kind of the pioneers in that field and they had consulted with Google when Google was working on their own AB testing platform and just seem super intriguing and they were looking for consultants.

It was one of the biggest appeal was that you could work from anywhere I thought hey guy I'm anywhere.

Growing Businesses Such As Amazon and Vimeo

So I'm going to apply and eventually got hired as a consultant with conversion rate experts which I still am today. So it's been the best experience of my life to be honest. You get to, you know, I get to work with Fortune 500 clients with the names of, you know, Amazon and Lloyd's Banking and Crazy Egg and Conde Nast, things like Glamour Magazine, Vimeo. And that, it's just an incredible experience just to be able to work with these brands and grow their business. So throughout the years I've been working on that and doing some consulting on conversion optimization with conversion experts and like I said it's the best experience of my life is still going on. So I quite enjoy that. So that's basically my journey from A to Z and I guess I bring to the table of wide experience on how to grow businesses from small to huge where I've grown my own businesses and started from scratch some businesses I have later sold. So I know kind of the whole process of starting it and then growing it monetizing it and eventually selling it to also you know working with huge companies and growing their businesses and making them multi million dollars in the process.

How I'll Grow YOUR Business…

So I think I bring a vast experience enough to grow your business and you know this is how the show started really to kind of share my knowledge and be able to, yeah help you out basically and there's nothing I would love more than to hear someone say, hey I was listening to your show or I'm you know I'm a big fan of your show and I applied some of the things you said and you know I've doubled my business or something like that. That would be, you know kind of the end goal for me to hear something like that. So that's kind of what my KPI is going to be my, how I'm going to judge a success of this show.

So that's about me and what I bring to the table and what can you expect from this show and the next weeks and the next months. This show is going to be launched every week. So you can expect another episode every week. I'm going to talk about pretty much everything that you need to do to launch a successful business and to grow that successful business if it exist already. So things like having you know a good conversion funnel, a good copy writing, things like design, call to action. You know things like social proof testimony also things like that. All of the things that you need to do to grow a successful business and how you can grow your own. I'm also going to bring the table I guess an expertise of mine which I mentioned earlier with the whole body language thing and because we're not yet a hundred percent online, we still have to call people up some time and meet people in person or we get invited to speak in front of a crowd and it's really important to knock it out at the park and so for in each of these show is I'm going to have what I call the offline ignition minute where I'll be talking about, you know just a little tip for your own body language and how to yeah present yourself better and stand out from the crowd when you do have to be offline and meet someone and build your business that way. So that's what you can expect.

How To Reach Me…

So how could you reach me and how can you basically tell me what you think. Couple of ways, first of all, you can go to the website today. There will be some show notes at after every show. So, basically a transcription of the shows and also all the links to the subjects and third party you know companies or platform I talk about. You'll also comment, you can also comment, leave me a comment on there, on that page about the show and if you have any questions, please do so.

There's also a speak pipe icon there on my site. You can click there, it's super easy, click on it and then it will ask you permission to use your microphone. Just say yes and then you can record your voicemail. I'll read every single comment I get on the online marketing for profits website and also of course I'll hear your voicemail if you use speak pipe and I promise to respond to all of these and if it's you know if it's good question that people I think most, many people could use, could use the answer for, I might feature it on the show and actually talk about it on the show.

So, that's how you can reach me mostly then also you can subscribe an iTunes, leave me a rating or comment over there. That's also I'll read every single comment I see there and please be honest. I want to know if you like the show, I want to know what you like about the show, if you have any questions but also I want to know what you don't like. Don't be hesitant to be blunt. I love blunt. Blunt is how we you know, we get better at things. So I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say on iTunes and getting your rating and your comments.

Finally, twitter or Facebook at Nicolas Fradet. You can easily follow me there. I will post you know some updates and also some stuff that are not necessarily featured on the show on Twitter or Facebook. So I would, yeah if you want to get to me on those platforms at Nicolas Fradet is the best way. Alright, so that's the show today and I'm really, like I said you know this is just great getting started. Just wanted to set the table up. Next couple of episodes we'll talk about a lot of things related to online businesses, copy writing, design, you call to action testimonials, a good homepage. We've got terrific stuff lined up. The first couple of episodes are already uploaded and live. Go to onlinemarketingforprofits or subscribe today to listen to them and I'll see you every week. So I'm looking forward to it. Let's get this show on the road. Let's get this started and I'll see you next time.


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