Hotjar and Qualaroo: 12 Conversion Experts Disclose Their Secrets

Feedback survey tools like Qualaroo and Hotjar are some of the most useful tools for conversion optimization.

In fact, it ranks right up there for me as the number one tool to get quality visitor insights that are actionable and lead to A/B test wins.

I use both Qualaroo and Hotjar every day.

And I'm not the only one…

So recently I asked conversion rate optimization experts how they use these tools, and most importantly how they extract quality information from website visitors.

I asked:

If you had one question to ask visitors to your website, what would it be, and why?

(how can you potentially build A/B tests around this)

Here are their answers:

“It's much more personal, and as a result I get a higher completion rate”

Oli Gardner – Unbounce

In the past I've used a fairly standard question:

“Is there anything preventing you from signing up today?”

But the response rate was pretty low.

Now on one of our ecourse landing pages I ask:

“Oli Gardner here (course author). After you've had a chance to look at this page, I'd love to know if there's anything stopping you from starting the course.”

It's much more personal, and as a result I get a higher completion rate.hotjar_oligardner

In terms of turning it into a test, you can create a hypothesis based on the replies (if you find some consistently similar ones). If people have a question, answer it and put that on the page. Even better would be to speak directly to someone with that question, and listen to them describe what success would look like (answering the question).

To do that you could use a two step survey where you gather their email on the next step so you can ask them.

“Like Gold for Copywriting”

Joanna Wiebe – CopyHackers

Open text: “What's going on in your life that brought you to us today?”

Responses to that question help us understand the real life triggers for choosing X product, and the language is usually somewhat emotional, which is like gold for copywriting.

“Always ask 3 Questions”

Thijs de Valk – Yoast

I actually always ask 3 questions:

  1. What is the purpose of your visit to our website/this page today?
  2. Were you able to complete your task today?
  3. If you were not able to complete your task, why not?

The third has my preference if I can ask just one ;).

“Open Ended Question”

Brian Massey – Conversion Sciences

What kept you from completing your goal on our website?

This open ended question will give us hypotheses we can rank for testing.

“Hunting Down Sales Objections”

Thomas Porhel – RevenewLab

My question would definitely focus on sales objections: why visitors decide NOT to buy.

I often set up exit popups on key pages with the sole purpose of hunting down sales objections. Asking visitors why they are leaving the site without converting is always very instructive.

This is in fact the n°1 source of qualitative feedback and an essential component of any conversion optimization strategy: if you know why visitors aren't converting then it's much easier to optimize your site.

“On a Thank You Page”

Kevin McCaffrey – Conversion Rate Services

On a thank you page.

“If there was one thing that almost stopped you buying today what was it?”

I get great feedback from this single question. You can be sure that if it almost stopped one person it could have actually stopped many more.

Great insights come from the results to build hypothesis around for split testing.

“Depends on the Purpose of the Survey”

Danny Iny – FirePole Marketing

That depends on the purpose of the survey.

Am I gathering feedback about the site, or my offer?

Intending to lead to an eventual sale? Collect a lead? Something else?

The first step to putting a survey on a page is getting clear about what you hope to accomplish by doing so, and then going from there.

“Testing Location”

Mike van Hoenselaar – Online Boswatchers

If you didn't buy with us today, why is that?

Or the NPS question. -> Learn more about intent and engagement.

You can AB test position, copy, design of surveys.

What I am testing as well is location. You don't want to ask the NPS question to new visitors for instance. This you can A/B test.

“Insight into Where to Test”

Carlos del Rio – Agillian

“Was it easy to find what you were looking for?”

Some people will tell you about their issues. Otherwise, you can just line up a yes/no versus the completed action.

That will give you insight into where to test.

“Adjust the Copy Accordingly”

Valentin Radu – Marketizator

An open question:

What would make you choose our service/ product?

Then I would analyze the patterns and adjust the copy accordingly.

“Uncover Key Objections”

Bradley Long – Traffic Fusion

What stopped you from buying today?

Uncover key objections that are preventing users from buying. Build trust, overcome the objections.

“One of those few tools that makes your life EASIER and gets you the results without getting lost in loads of data”

In closing, here's a quick video (1:44) from Dr. Karl Blanks, the founder of Conversion Rate Experts explaining the benefits of using exit feedback tools like Qualaroo or Hotjar to come up with sound hypotheses for your A/B tests.

Watch it now:

How have YOU used these surveys before?

Can you share with me an example of a win you got following insights collected from Qualaroo or Hotjar?

Let me know in the comments below!    

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