Kartra Review - Pricing Plans and CostKartra Review - Pricing Plans and Cost

Kartra Review – An Honest Look at all the Features, Pricing Plans & Cost

In this Kartra review, I'm looking at what separates Kartra from other funnel platforms, and why this is perhaps the best solution for your business if you are just starting out, and especially if you are looking at low pricing plans and cost.

Competing against ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Kajabi, and Infusionsoft, Kartra is a powerful marketing automation platform.

The brainchild of Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, Kartra was introduced as an all-inclusive marketing automation software back in 2018.

Today, this new kid on the block enjoys immense popularity and a wide user base.

However, many people are not sure if it’s worth giving up on their old marketing software and shifting to Kartra. If you’re also one of them, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I am going to present an honest Kartra review to help all those struggling to decide if it’s worth using or not.

Is Kartra worth the hype? Let’s find out!

What is Kartra and What Does It Offer?

Contrary to popular opinion, Kartra isn’t just another sales funnel software. But, the fact is that it has a lot more to offer. Kartra is an all-in-one marketing automation platform offering a wide range of tools that businesses need to operate in the digital world.

It includes tools for website development and hosting, email marketing, affiliate management, videos, webinars, split testing, checkout optimization, and a variety of templates for different types of funnels.

It also lets you create membership sites and courses, as well as offer a number of payment integration options.

Let’s consider each of the primary features of Kartra separately to gain a better understanding:

Kartra Review – All-in-One Features


It wouldn't be a complete Kartra review without starting from the start.

The onboarding process of Kartra is simple and helpful. Once you sign up on here the Kartra website, you will be given the option to either buy a monthly plan or opt for the tiny one dollar (yep just $1) – 14-day trial and test the tools before committing.

As soon as you complete the sign-up process, a message is displayed on the screen indicating that you are going to receive four emails, along with a short description, so you know what to expect next.

The emails include a welcome email, an email with your login details and the link to the login page, an email titled Kartra Training 1, offering assistance to get you started, and the last email with your login details from the company’s learning center.

This is important, because that means that if you are new to all-in-on funnel platforms, Kartra has got you covered and will explain everything to you so you can set up a great funnel from the start.

Kartra also displays an introductory video, explaining some of its essential features and what to do next, the first time you sign into your account.

The platform also displays a checklist, as a sidebar, to help new users get started. All in all, the Kartra scores full marks on its onboarding process. It’s simple, short, clear, and guided.

Page Builder

Kartra landing pages

If you want to set up an online business, the very first thing you need is a website. And this is exactly what Kartra page builder can help you with.

With more than a hundred page templates, Kartra has not only simplified, but also made the website development process faster. The templates are easy to use as well as offer a wide range of design options. Whether you want a classic squeeze page or prefer a more contemporary long-form, sales page design, Kartra provides a range of great options.

But, it doesn’t stop here.

In addition to offering a great variety of designs, Kartra lets you edit templates with the basic point-and-click process (drag and drop). No coding skills needed whatsoever.

Whether you want to edit text, change an image, or make some changes to the style, it’s all super easy.

Kartra funnel builder

Kartra also comes with a manual page builder. So, in case you don’t like any pre-built template (which is almost impossible) or have some specific requirements, use this feature to create your webpages from scratch.

While these features of the page building tool are great, what really makes Kartra stand out is the integration option it offers. It lets you add popups and videos on your webpages without the need for an external tool or hosting service.

While Kartra’s page building tool is suitable for beginners, experienced marketers and page builders may find it a bit rigid.

It doesn’t let you make changes to the design just by clicking and dragging. Let’s say you have to change the width of a column. Instead of letting you adjust it to your liking with a simple drag of the mouse, Kartra requires you do it manually.

For that, you’ll first have to switch to the column mode and then you will be able to edit the design.

That being said, the page builder tool of Kartra is a lot better than what you get with other all-inclusive software.

It’s perfect for beginners.

Email Marketing

Kartra email marketing

Available under the ‘My Communications’ tab, Kartra’s email marketing feature comprises the following:

  • A broadcasting tool
  • An automation platform
  • A lead management platform

From allowing you to create or import your lead database and creating opt-in forms to tagging and automating workflow, Kartra lets you do it all.

It also lets you create a variety of different types of emails, ranging from simple to professionally designed ones, with testimonials and even a countdown timer.

The workflow automation tool of Kartra, called Sequence Builder, is so amazing that many consider it to be at par with that of ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign.

However, the real hype about Kartra’s email marketing feature comes from its marketing campaigns tool.

While it lets you create an email marketing campaign from scratch, who wants to do all the work when you have professional campaign templates designed by Frank Kern and the likes of him?

Campaign templates can help you address different marketing pain points. All you have to do is to select the template that best suits your needs, edit its components to customize them for your brand, and run the campaign.

The email marketing tool of Kartra also offers in-app purchases. This allows users to sell their custom-built template(s) to others on the platform.

Shopping Cart

Kartra checkout

In addition to setting up a business online, Kartra can also help you sell with its comprehensive shopping cart feature.

By clicking on the ‘My Products’ tab on the sidebar, you can create a high-converting checkout process with Kartra.

When adding products, it allows you to choose from two product display options – the main product or an upsell/downsell product.

Furthermore, Kartra allows you to customize each and every step of the whole buying process. Some of the key features that it lets you customize include:

  • Pricing – here, you will get options like setting a fixed amount, one-time price, or recurring price.
  • Payment gateways – such as to pay via PayPal or credit card.
  • Trial structures – such as free trial for a week or 10-days trial just for $1.
  • Cart styles and templates.
  • Cart abandonment rules.
  • Shopping cart bump offers – like add another product for $5.
  • Designs for product page, checkout page, and thank you page.

In addition to all these amazing offers, Kartra also lets you enable an affiliate portal for each of your products to encourage your customers to become your promoters.

Lastly, this feature provides detailed sales analytics, including everything from visits and sales to cancellation, refunds, and revenue.

What else do you want to love a shopping cart feature?

Video Hosting

The fact that Kartra lets businesses host videos without using an external hosting platform, which makes it stand out of other marketing automation platforms out there.

But, there are bandwidth limitations in every plan, which means you cannot host all your videos on Kartra. Also, the platform requires you to compress a video before uploading it. This extra step creates friction in the process and many users find it a hassle.

On the plus side, Karta provides detailed analytics for videos too, which allows you to continue to improve their performance.

This means you'll be able to tell when your users stop watching so you can perhaps edit your video and fix the part when users drop.


Kartra membership site

Do you offer online courses? Do your customers need a bit of training before using your service? Or is there any other type of content that you want to share with your customers?

Whatever the reason is, Kartra lets you share content with your customers easily through its membership feature. Whether you want to create a comprehensive content directory, training courses, or private communities, Kartra has made the whole process a lot easier, quicker, and hassle-free.

Like many of its other features, Kartra offers professionally-designed templates here as well.

This, when coupled with the simple drag and drop interface, makes the whole process a breeze. From structuring lessons and creating various content categories to creating multiple membership tiers and portals, Kartra’s membership portal lets you do it all.

Lastly, it also allows you to track the progress of all your customers – a feature that is ideal for businesses offering online courses or running digital learning centers.

Some features of Kartra’s membership tool may not be as refined as that of Teachable or other similar specialized tools. However, it is much better than many others available out there.


Kartra calendar

If your work involves meeting with customers, you would know how much of a hassle appointment scheduling can be. Not anymore!

Let your customers manage their appointments on their own with Kartra. Featuring a front-end interface, Kartra’s built-in calendar allows customers to check and schedule their appointments without having to call you. Isn’t this amazing?

It shows the dates that are available for appointments and block the ones that have already been taken by someone else to prevent over-booking. It also sends automated reminders to make sure that customers do not miss their appointments.

You can customize the calendar with your logo and brand colors as well as manage appointments for multiple services within one calendar.

Kartra calendar is also compatible with all devices, providing easy access to your customers.


Customer service is critical to the smooth functioning of an online business. And Kartra lets you do it the best possible way.

With a ticketing system, live chat feature, and a knowledge base management system, Kartra helps businesses to be available to guide and support their customers whenever needed.

To enable businesses to offer better services, the helpdesk tool also provides them access to their customers’ profiles. You can check things like what a customer initially opted-in for, their shopping and billing history, and how many times and for what reasons they have interacted with you. All this information can then be used by businesses to personalize user experiences.

The helpdesk tool also provides customer service analytics to help business measure their performance and further improve their services.

Kartra analytics

Kartra Pricing Plans

Now let’s come to the most important part – how much does Kartra cost?

Kartra Pricing Plans and Cost

To cater to different sized businesses, Kartra offers the following four payment plans:

· Starter – For $99 per Month

Catering to small startups, the starter plan lets businesses do the following:

  • Create 1 custom domain.
  • Maintain a database of up to 2,500 leads.
  • Send 15,000 emails per month.
  • Host 100 pages.
  • Build 2 memberships sites.
  • Sell 10 products.
  • Host videos up to 50 GB bandwidth.

While this plan is apt for most startups, the bandwidth and the product limits are the major downsides of it.

· Silver – for $199 per Month

The silver plan primarily caters to small-sized businesses. Here’s is what it lets you do:

  • Create 3 custom domains.
  • Maintain a database of up to 12,500 leads.
  • Send 125,000 emails per month.
  • Host unlimited pages.
  • Build unlimited memberships sites.
  • Sell unlimited products.
  • Host videos up to 125 GB bandwidth.

· Gold – $299 per Month

Aimed at medium-sized businesses, the gold plan allows you to:

  • Create 5 custom domains.
  • Maintain a database of up to 2,5000 leads.
  • Send 250,000 emails per month.
  • Host unlimited pages.
  • Build unlimited memberships sites.
  • Sell unlimited products.
  • Host videos up to 250 GB bandwidth.

· Platinum – for $499 per Month

As evident from the names, this Kartra plan has been made for bigger businesses with a large user/customer base. Here’s what it allows them to do:

  • Create 10 custom domains.
  • Maintain a database of up to 50,000 leads.
  • Send 500,000 emails per month.
  • Host unlimited pages.
  • Build unlimited memberships sites.
  • Sell unlimited products.
  • Host videos up to 400 GB bandwidth.

The number of custom domains and leads could be a potential bone of contention for bigger businesses in this Kartra pricing plan.

My Kartra Review – Pros & Cons

Still can’t make up your mind if Kartra is worth trying?

To help you reach a decision, here I have summarized the major pros and cons Kartra:


  • One of the best email marketing tools out there – lets you create broadcasts, autoresponders, drip campaigns, and automated comprehensive email marketing campaigns. Also, includes a wide range of pre-built templates along with copy samples.
  • Allows you to create all types of sales funnel either from scratch or using professionally designed templates.
  • A comprehensive and fully customizable shopping cart feature.
  • Great affiliate management tool.
  • Allows video hosting without any external hosting service.
  • A decent page builder.
  • Allows you to create multiple membership levels.
  • Includes a strong split testing tool.
  • Offers an in-built calendar to help organize your marketing tasks and processes.
  • Good customer support via help desk, live chat feature on the website, and an active Facebook group.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • 14-day trial for just $1.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Bandwidth limit in all price plans – you have to pay more to increase your video bandwidth.
  • Limited personalization option for some templates
  • Somewhat rigid page builder

Kartra Review: My Verdict

Despite the fact that Kartra has a few minor limitations, it’s one of the best all-inclusive marketing automation platforms available out there.

So, it’s definitely worth trying if you are just starting an online business or have been struggling to manage a number of different software for your marketing processes. Kartra eliminates the need for you to buy and deal with a number of different software and has combined them all in one place.

It’s undoubtedly a time and money saver.

Try it out and let me know how you find it, or if you have any questions on my Kartra review!

Finally, if you've ever tried ClickFunnels and wonder how Kartra stacks up against it, you can read my Kartra vs ClickFunnels showdown here.

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