Landing PAge Design That Converts WellLanding PAge Design That Converts Well

Landing Page Design That Converts Well

Your landing page is perhaps the biggest culprit when it comes to low conversion rates.

The core purpose of any landing page is to assist in converting visitors as soon as possible. The trouble, however, is that in most of the cases, these landing pages fail in meeting the visitor’s expectations. Here are a few ways to make sure that you have the best landing page design that converts in an efficient way:

1.     Craft Amazing Headlines

The headline is perhaps the most important aspect of any page that first instills interest in readers, if the headline is not captivating enough, it will not be able to grab the attention of the viewers. A good headline should be immediately striking, informative, and short. Therefore, do not waste time in trying to be clever with the headline. Being real, simple, and smart also works in most of the cases.

2.     Include Relevant Pictures

The brain is known to process images at a rate that is 60,000 times faster than the rate that it used to process a text. This means that any user will instantly be attracted to your landscape if you make use of pictures constructively.

Take care that the pictures are large, relevant to the subject matter at hand, are able to sell a service, and are of a high quality.

3.     Copy is Key

Despite having great images and an amazing heading, if the users do not comprehend what your service is all about, you will never be able to convert them. This means that a proper explanation on the landing page is a must to keep the users in the light of what is going on and what you will be offering to them. Be sure that you keep your explanations as straightforward as possible. Here are three different aspects of the explanation:

  • An explanation can either be entirely separate from the headline or integrated along with it.
  • The explanation can be presented in a combination of many sources such as the headline, subheadline, image, and a separate paragraph.
  • The explanation should present the reasons why a certain product or service is beneficial to the user.
[bctt tweet=”Despite having great images and an amazing heading, if the users do not comprehend what your service is all about, you will never be able to convert them.” username=”nicolasfradet”]

4.     Follow A Logical Flow

While you may have great actual content on your landing page, you also need to have a local flow to it. A customer who is truly interested in your product or your service will be thoroughly engaged with your landing page and would hence want all of its content to go in a logical format. If it does not go in a logical format, the visitor will be put off instantly and will end up losing focus and interest. A good and logical flow will start off with an explanation and benefits and then end with a call to action. The placement of the call to action is of critical importance to the flow of the landing page. Multiple CTAs can be used throughout the landing page.

Persuasive elements should also be used throughout the landing page and in its various sections. Landing pages or optin pages that are in a long form are extremely effective. Therefore, you can go ahead and make your landing page long if you wish to. In fact, this strategy will prove to be better for you.

5.     Add Trustworthy Testimonials

The testimonials on a landing page are one of the most important signals that are used in building trust amongst the users. If a user is reading about a particular product or service, they would want to know that they are able to trust that service. By reading through trustworthy testimonials, they will be able to develop a certain amount of trust for that particular product or service. Here are some things to remember in order to create great testimonials:

  • The testimonials are supposed to come from real experts or celebrities. Other than this, you may also choose the people who will be able to relate well with your target audience.
  • You should most definitely make use of pictures since pictures help in building trust in the testimonials further. It is therefore important that every testimonial that is featured on the landing page be accompanied by a photo of some real-life person.
  • Testimonials also have to be specific. The best of the testimonials will be those that have specific applications, real data, or real numbers backing them up.
[bctt tweet=”The testimonials on a landing page are one of the most important signals that are used in building trust amongst the users. ” username=”nicolasfradet”]

6.     Trust: Contact Information

If you are a legitimate business that the consumers will be able to stay in touch with, you should be able to prove it on your landing page. An extremely persuasive landing page will have multiple contact methods available on it. These can include a physical address, contact form, email address, and a phone number. Some might even consist of pop-ups where customer service representatives can ask the users if they can be of any assistance to them.

Such things really help in making sure that the company is able to build a long-term trust with their customers. While the amount of contact information provided on landing pages can vary from company to company, it is always better to provide as much details as possible.

Landing pages are extremely important and have immense potential for conversion, provided they are made in a proper manner and are able to attract the attention of users instantly. These are the key points for making a proper landing page and the rest is more in line with your own abilities as a marketer. The better your skills are, the better the landing page you will be able to make.

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