How To Tell if Someone Likes you With Their Legs and Feet

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Many people do not recognize the importance of legs body language in their conversations. This is perhaps because although people talk quite a lot about such things as eye contact and smiling, not much is said about the legs in that respect. In fact, a few people find it rather absurd to refer to the legs as an important tool of communication.

When's the last time you paid attention to your own legs?

Well, the truth is that the legs are very important in communication. Something interesting is that we all use legs body language, often without knowing it, to judge the people we are talking to, while we hardly ever pay any attention to our own legs. Although it is very important to listen to people, watch their gestures and keep eye contact, reading the movements of their legs can help you make more accurate conclusions about the tone and attitude of the person.

Where the feet point to…

First, the direction our feet point to matters a lot. When someone is interested in the conversation, the ‘dominant' leg will point towards you when they are standing. The dominant leg is the right leg for the right footed and the left leg for those who are left footed.If you notice that someone's leg seems to be pointing in a different direction, then it means that they are either not interested, or uncomfortable. The direction their legs points to in this case is the likely exit.

Leg Crossing 101

Crossing of legs is very common, and can mean different things in different circumstances. When standing, crossing of legs may mean that someone is either a rigid kind of person, or just has a closed mind about the topic you are discussing. Usually this person may not may not be in agreement with what you are saying.

Leg-crossing can also be a sign of submissiveness. It is a good sign for a man if they approach a woman and she talks with her legs crossed, as it means that he is probably ‘scoring some points'. However, it could also be just a pointer to the person's character, which is either shyness or lack of confidence.Sometimes also, although not too common, crossing of legs while standing simply means that someone badly wants to pee.

Crossing the legs when sitting means slightly different things, though. In fact, there are two ‘types' of crossing the legs while sitting. Crossing of the knees is called European crossing. It is usually an indication that someone has already made a conclusion about whatever you are discussing, or about you. It depicts a sense of aloofness about a person. However, you ought to take it in it's context. Sometimes people cross their legs only because they are feeling cold.

The other type, is called American crossing. This, basically, is placing one ankle on top of the other. Often, it depicts the person's personality, as much the attitude towards the conversation. Crossing the ankles shows that a person likes to argue or compete. It does not necessarily imply that this person is not agreeable. It only means that it is someone who likes to be heard out.

Stand Your Ground

Some people stand with legs stretched apart, firmly rooted on the ground. This can only mean one of two things, if not both. Either this person is very confident of themselves, or that they like to dominate the conversation. This is common with bosses and instructors at work, giving orders or directions and reprimanding their children. Actually, it is more like a statement of authority. It can be very intimidating to the subjects sometimes, which is is often the intention. They seem to be saying,”I'm the boss and there is nothing you can do about it!” Elsewhere, men stand this way when approaching women. It shows that they are confident and undeterred, and seems to work well with many women.

Tap, Tap, Tap

Tapping of the feet is common in waiting rooms. You will find people tapping their feet in examination rooms too, or while waiting for results of some test or other. It is essentially a sign of anxiety or impatience. If you are talking to someone and they start tapping their feet, then this is the ultimate sign that they are either not interested in your conversation or perhaps that they have so much on their mind that listening to you is simply not possible.

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  1. Actually if your right handed your naturally the opposite foot, seeing how left handed people first step is with their right foot and I right handed person starts his stride with the left foot.

    1. “if your right handed your naturally the opposite foot”

      That it’s incorrect. Please don’t check the facts before telling false information.

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