Online Marketing Podcast

All the episodes from my “Online Marketing for Profit Podcast”. Even if they were recorded a few years ago, many of the concepts and tactics still work very well today.

6 Ingredients for an Irresistible “Call To Action” Button [OMP 016]

Does your landing page fail at converting your visitors? Well, the culprit is often your “call to action”. In this episode, I’ll show you the right way to design and display a call to action button that commands attention and gets clicks on your website. (I’ve used this button “template” to run successful Multi-Million dollar tests for clients… It works.)

The Definitive Guide to SEO in 2020 [OMP 014]

Confused by SEO? Bradley Benner, of Semantic Mastery, is an SEO expert and he’ll guide us through the best SEO tactics, including critical yet unknown on-page factors, the best ways to leverage social media to boost your rankings, and the one thing you need to do right now to be compliant.

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