Qualaroo Review: How to Grow Your Conversions Fast With Quality Feedback

Qualaroo has been at the top of my list of CRO tools for years now.

This Qualaroo review will show you how you can use this software platform to improve your conversions and, as you'll see, possibly redefine your entire business.

Before we start, Qualaroo sports some pretty impressive case studies. One of their clients increased their leads 300%. Another client was able to help someone save $60,000 in revenue using Qualaroo.

Their client list is also impressive. Some businesses that use them are Starbucks, Burger King, Groupon and Hertz.

Point is, the insights you can gain from this tool are terrific and put in the hands of a good conversion optimizer, can yield immense wins.

What’s so special about Qualaroo?

It’s a survey software that allows you to ask visitors questions about their visit and interaction with your website. When people take the surveys, the information gets sent to you. You can use it to pinpoint problems, implement customer feedback and increase your bottom line.

I recently did a review on Hotjar, which also offers surveys and feedback features. Unlike Hotjar, Qualaroo only focuses on survey and feedback. Qualaroo also collects data from all of your site visitors, not just a fraction of them.

In this Qualaroo review, we’re going to look at each of Qualaroo’s features. I’ll tell you the benefit of each of them. Then we’ll talk about how much it’ll cost to sign up for this service.

Qualaroo Features

Although Qualaroo is only for survey feedback, that doesn’t mean it lacks features. Qualaroo allows you do 7 different options with your surveys:

  • Target Questions
  • Skip Logic
  • 2 Minute Setup
  • Integration
  • Exit Surveys
  • Question Library
  • Customizable

These features are what make Qualaroo one of the best feedback services in the industry. It allows you to get the context surrounding your analytical data. For example, you see that your bounce rate for your website is over 40%. What is making people leave so quickly? Why are your conversion rates or sales so low? You can use Qualaroo to help you find out.

Feature #1: Target Questions

This feature allows you to target questions specifically to your user’s behavior. You can target people with a certain number of items in their cart, people who have been on your website for longer than a minute, or people who have visited your website more than once.qualaroo-questions

The targeting is so specific that you can set it up so that the same person doesn’t get the same survey twice. You can also cut off the number of surveys you send out by calling support. If you only want 500 surveys, support can set it up so that the survey invitations stop after 500 people have filled them out. (This is only available for the Enterprise plan.)

But wait! What if your visitor falls into two or more categories for surveys? For instance, what if they have visited you three times and they now have three items in their cart? Will they get two different surveys?

If you don’t want the same person to see multiple survey offers, you can get really specific with your surveys. That means that if you have multiple surveys going on your website, you should target the surveys so that they don’t all qualify for the same survey.

In the above example, you have two different surveys available for two different groups of people. But if you combine those qualifications, you’ve narrowed down the number of people who can take your survey, and you’ve made sure that they can’t take more than one survey.

Feature #2: Skip Logic

Skip Logic is the use of follow up questions to feedback to understand what a customer meant by something they said.

Follow up questions allow for clarification of survey and feedback results. You can set these up for people who answer your questions in a specific way.

Let’s say someone mentioned a problem with a new feature in your survey. You can send them a follow-up question. But if another person didn’t mention that feature, they will just move on to the next question in the survey.

Skip logic allows you to go deep inside of your visitor’s mind using the right type of questions. The clearer their answer is, the easier it will be for you to address the problem.

Feature #3: Set it up in just 2 Minutes

It only takes 2 minutes to set up Qualaroo for your website. All you need to do is copy and paste their JavaScript code into the code of your website. Talk about easy. That’s got to be some type of record.

Feature #4: Integration

Qualaroo integrates with a lot of popular software and services. Their website mentions you can integrate it with Optimizely, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce and more. That tells you how driven they are by their user’s experiences.

Obviously it’s important to marketers to be able to integrate their services. When two services clash, that makes it hard on you. You may have to go out and find another service that’s more compatible with the other one. If you don’t, you’re stuck with two conflicting services. That can be frustrating.

Qualaroo solves this problem by making their services easy to use with the most popular platforms of online marketers.

Feature #5: Exit Surveys

You need to find out why your visitors are leaving your website, or why they aren’t making purchases. You can use exit surveys to help you get the answer to those questions.

Exit surveys pop up when people go to click the back or “x” button to close out the website. They ask people why they’re leaving. You can get the real reason someone isn’t interested in interacting with your website. Once you get the reason, the problem is easily fixed.

Feature #6: Question Library

If you don’t know which questions to ask your visitors, Qualaroo has a library of questions to choose from. You can use them as they are or tweak them so that you get the best possible answer from your visitor.

Feature #7: Customizable

Qualaroo is fully customizable. You can make the surveys and feedback forms look like they’re just another part of your website. You can change the colors, font size and add your own logo. There’s no reason people have to know you’re using Qualaroo to conduct your surveys.

In fact, people are more likely to take your surveys if they don’t see third party branding on it. It makes them feel you’re keeping their information and feedback in-house. A third party logo or a “powered by BRAND” link can make people feel skeptical an uneasy. So customizing your surveys is a good thing.

Did I mention that you can make your surveys mobile friendly too?

That’s part of the customizing. You’ll have to pay a little extra, but targeting mobile users is proving to be extremely powerful. You may not want to miss out on that opportunity.

Qualaroo is a wonderful feedback software. It can really help you change your entire business around, as their case studies have shown. It’s a great tool for people who need to pinpoint problems in their websites, and who don’t need anything complicated to do so.

You can read the case studies and learn more about Qualaroo by checking out their website. If you have questions, comments or what to share your experience with Qualaroo, please leave a comment below.

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