8 Popular Shopify Themes Likely to Boost Conversions

Choosing a popular Shopify theme can be a mistake if you don't pick one that is more likely to increase your sales.

Shopify has become a very successful business platform in a very short period. Tens of thousands of businesses are listed on it and millions of dollars are spent on purchases every week.

A lot of new businesses have become listed and selling goods and services through the network. If you are capable of creating a good supply chain, then Shopify is the perfect place for you to start and grow your business.

The one thing you should note is that not every business on the platform is successful. SME enterprises that have done well on Shopify understand the secrets behind making the best use of drop shipping. It is not easy to build a successful business at a place which has low barriers to entry and a lot of competition. However, it can be done if you have the right tools and know-how to use them for your business.

Your shop’s user interface and theme play a big role in attracting and retaining customer interest. Here, I will review some of the major benefits and considerations for selecting Shopify themes. I will also examine the best Shopify themes that will help your business stand out and do well on the platform.

Importance of Choosing a Great Shopify Theme

The design of your eCommerce store is very important on an online shopping store platform like Shopify. No matter what product you are selling on through the website, there are probably hundreds of stores that sell products and services that are very similar to what you are offering. The only way to distinguish your business is to provide a better user experience and design an eStore that makes a lasting impression in the minds of the buyers.

A well-designed eCommerce store can make a huge difference in the success or failure of your store. It makes the difference between successfully selling your products and watching carts abandoned by users because they got distracted and decided to buy products from another store.

Another reason to choose a great Shopify theme is that it can save a lot of time in setting up and upgrading your store. Good quality themes are designed with careful selection of colors, images, font styles, and sizes. They are easy to implement and can be upgraded without too much trouble.

It is also necessary to consider your future needs when choosing a theme for present use. Suppose you select a random theme for your page and the shop does ok. In the future, you decide to make changes by offering additional products and services. If you make a lot of changes to your store’s theme, your existing customers may be put off because they have become used to shopping at the store with your current theme setting.

Last but not least is mobile responsiveness. Before you finalize the theme for your Shopify store, test it out on different sized mobile devices. This will help you determine how easy it would be for mobile users to navigate around the store and order products and service. A well designed, responsive web store will make it much easier to order products on the spot, leading to greater sales for the business.

What Makes A Good Shopify Theme

The theme for your online store on Shopify must have certain qualities that attract visitors and make the ordering process smooth and easy. It must be attractive for a start and have plenty of colors and images, which will make your brand professional and increase trust from buyers. No one likes to see or browse boring old black and white websites without colors and images.

Also, walls of text are something people frown upon. Mobile users, in particular, will find it difficult to read too much text and prefer stores that say more with less.

The placement of images and text also makes a difference. There should be an easily visible button at every page that quickly takes the visitor to the ordering page. The store should also offer an option that allows frequent shoppers to re-order products so that users don’t have to browse through products every time they need to order something.

Some of the important features that will make your store stand out and convert better include the following.

  • A clean and easy-to-use store that can be navigated without too much trouble.
  • The store theme should offer plenty of support and helpful tips for new customers and visitors.
  • Your Shopify store should be customizable based on your needs.
  • The store should load easily and quickly. Consider how much data customers would be charged if they use your store frequently.
  • The theme should be developed with the help of quality coding.
  • There should be plenty of colors and images as they give a personality to your store.
  • Take account of the costs. You can find free and paid themes for the store. Paid themes are more expensive but they provide better quality.
  • Shopify store themes must be responsive and able to adapt to different mobile devices smartly.
  • The theme should be flexible and easy to customize when you need to make changes.
  • Your store theme should offer useful features, such as automation and smart searching to users who expect these functions.
  • The content should be SEO friendly so that it attracts more organic traffic.
  • Make sure to place customer ratings and reviews so that visitors can see them with ease. Add options for your customers to leave reviews of their own.
  • Adjust content font and style based on your customer preferences. If most of your customers are young, they may prefer a stylish design with vibrant colors. If you are selling products aimed at an older generation, you will need to use a more sophisticated font style.

Things to Consider When You Finalize a Font

When you are finalizing a theme for your Shopify store, there are two main options that you get. You can either get a free theme for your shop or buy a paid version through Shopify.

The free versions offer limited styles and features. They are great for testing the waters when you are just starting and trying to set up the store. Since there is no initial investment required, you won’t lose much if your store does not make money and you have to close it down. The free themes are ideal for beginners on Shopify.

If your store is successful and makes a decent stream of revenue, then you may want to upgrade to a paid version. Paid themes offer more features and design styles. Some of them give options that work for more generalized stores while others are aimed specifically at certain industries.

Here are some of the questions to consider when selecting a theme for your Shopify store.

  • Who Are The Theme Developers?

Shopify themes are designed by a variety of programmers. Many of them have been involved in the Shopify platform since the beginning and know exactly what features and styles work. When you are getting a theme for your web store, go with an established developer who will give you updates and newer features down the road.

  • What Features Are Useful For Your Business?

Shopify stores can be built with hundreds of features, each one offering unique benefits to the store. However, additional features have a cost and they can also make the loading process slower. Whether you are looking to create a mailing list, offer quick buying options or create a slideshow for your products on the landing page, your needs will determine the features to get for the store.

  • What Is Your Budget?

In general, Shopify themes cost between a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on the features and designs you are looking to get. As a business, you will need to consider which themes match your budget and get the ones that work for you.

  • What Products Will You Sell?

The design and theme of your Shopify store will need to match your products and audience. If you sell office supplies or books, you will need to use a different theme style than the ones used for toys and ice cream. Many developers sell specialized themes aimed at specific industries and you should buy the ones that meet your specific needs.

  • Does The Theme Work On Different Devices?

Responsive themes adjust the user interface on different devices. This makes them universally easy to use regardless of the size of the mobile device. The more dynamic the theme, the greater your customer reach.

  • Is It Quick to Load?

Some themes take longer to load, causing them to slow down when the user doesn’t have a fast connection. This is usually the case when shoppers browse products via mobiles. Make sure that your theme doesn’t cost a lot of data and loads quickly for users.

Best Shopify Themes For More Conversions

I picked some of the best Shopify themes for businesses, distinguished based on their features and design styles.


This dynamic theme makes it quite easy to customize Shopify features for your store. It is quite popular and currently being used for more than 3000 online stores on the platform. The highly customizable theme can be adjusted to suit the needs of all types of customers.


This theme is ideal for businesses dealing in pet products and services. The theme was specifically designed to attract pet owners and does an excellent job for businesses that offer pet food and pet grooming products and services.


This theme was created for people who were looking to buy and sell furniture online and became the go-to theme for furniture businesses. The theme makes it easy to customize, edit and design pages to suit brands and furniture businesses can make changes to products based on their specifications. Pretty good!


The theme is described as, “An editorial-inspired design made for big, bold imagery”. The theme comes with a solid library of designs and images and useful for all kinds of industries. Users can place a large ordering option at the top of the page followed by cool images and texts for attracting visitors and customers.


Gecko is considered one of the best themes on Shopify for clothing. The theme was created for eCommerce stores in fashion, jewelry, lifestyle, beauty and health industries.

The selling point for Gecko is that it can be easily integrated with social media platforms, giving an advantage to businesses that have a large following on social media.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jasper. This high-quality theme is easy to customize and adapt to any type of business. If you are new to Shopify and don’t know much about coding then this theme will help you get started with ease. It offers plenty of customization options and you can change or edit almost every element in the store. With more than 14 different templates for the home page, the theme offers the best experience for users.


If you are looking for a simple, crisp theme that gets the job done without causing too many problems then this is the right theme for your needs. It is designed for shops that have large inventories and a higher turnover volume. If you require a large catalog for marketing dozens of products to customers, each one divided into subsections then Enroll will help fulfill your needs.

In this piece, I examined some important considerations for Shopify themes and reviewed some of the more popular themes for the selling platform.

Did I miss any popular themes?

Let me know with a comment!

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