The 9 Step Formula from Conversion Rate Experts

I'm lucky enough to be a CRO consultant for Conversion Rate Experts.

Conversion Rate Experts is an international consultancy that inspires and helps website owners to dominate their market, using the CRE Methodology™, a systematic approach to conversion rate optimization (CRO).

(i) we design high-converting webpages for clients who carry out split tests (or multivariate tests)

(ii) we teach a system that reliably enables novices to design their own high-converting pages

(iii) we help clients select software and strategy for testing.

Clients include Apple, Google, Sony, BT (British Telecom), Vodafone, 888, Foxy Bingo, AVG, SEOmoz and SEO Book, to name a few.

Here's the CRE Methodology for delivering wins for any business in any market:

9 Steps to Better Conversions

Source: KissMetrics

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I'm a web optimization & conversion consultant - I help my clients (some in the Fortune 500) generate more revenue for their business. Mostly, I get more of their visitors to convert on their website. I've launched and sold 2 startups - I've been working online for 15 years and have started from scratch - and then sold - two fast-growing websites: a leading gaming information portal and an online advertising network. Read 10 things about me - including being a body language coach to a World Champion of Poker and singing in a KISS cover band (pics included) - here.

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