Top 10 Ways On How to Catch A Cheating Husband

In order to end concerns about your unfaithful husband, this article will guide you on some of the signs of an unfaithful husband and top 10 ways on how to catch a cheating husband. Any wife may suspect her husband’s unfaithfulness at some point or another, and desperately desire to catch him so that things can be brought to the open. An unfaithful husband will portray many signs and a wife can easily detect such signs in advance and catch her with solid proof. A number of wives hire expensive detective or spy equipment, but this may not be as effective as knowing some of the common signs of a cheating husband.

Do not accuse him out of suspicions unless you have a sure proof that he was cheating. A sure proof is the one you can use in a court of law, especially when pursuing divorce. When you don’t have a sure proof, a number of cheating men cook stories or even call you crazy. You should, therefore, plan well your confrontation so that you are prepared and equipped with facts. In case you have children, see to it that they are in a protected place. It is not advisable to be a cheating wife for the sake of revenge. Revenge will instead bring more problems-it may be used as evidence against you.

Some of the top 10 ways on how to catch a cheating husband include:

1. Setting a trap

An unfaithful husband will, in most cases, cheat when the wife has gone out. Just tell your husband that you are to leave for a couple of days and then listen, wait and watch. A cheating husband will like the idea of you leaving. Put a recording surveillance device in the phone or bedroom. You can park in your friend’s car with sunglasses and a hat on and follow his car or wait for any partner who may come to the house. An unfaithful husband would prefer to take his affair out for rendezvous and dinner when you are out for some days. Remember to give your husband sufficient space to cheat so that he will leave some signs unknowingly. You simply give space while investigating.

2. Observing your husband's close friends

Friends have similar characters in most cases. If your husband walks with male friends who cheat on their wives, be sure he is headed for the danger zone. Such behaviors may tempt him into cheating on you at one point. Also, such friends will always try to cover him for loyalty purposes. They will provide an excuse on his behalf.

3. Watching your husband’s cell phone

A husband’s cell phone is very useful in knowing some of his tricks. He may protect it with a password but fake a reason of making an important call and just unexpectedly ask for his cell phone. Make a fake call and try pressing the call log buttons so that you get numbers for strange calls, the times, and lengths associated with those calls. The best way to know who your husband has been calling is by pressing the redial key on his phone. Try also to find out if his phone is always turned off whenever you are together.

4. Using a long-recording digital tape

You can place a long-recording tape in your unfaithful husband’s car seat. If you do this every morning and then analyze it later in the day when you are alone, you may easily hear his careless and suspicious conversations while he was in the car. However, before you do this it is good to check the existing laws in your country and find out if those laws allow recording a person in your car. You can also use GPS tracking device. The device will track everywhere your husband’s car visits. Fortunately, the tracking devices have currently been reduced to the size of a chewing gum, making it easy to hide them.

5. Monitoring the usage of your husbands’ computer

Your cheating husband will frequently make use of the free email services like msn, yahoo, Gmail, hotmail, hushmail, among others. The question is: Does your husband spend a lot of time using the computer even late at night. To ascertain more about this, check the history of his internet web browsers. Further, you can install spyware software in his computer to log the keystrokes that your husband types, including the passwords. There are several spyware softwares that are currently sold on the internet and can work undetected on any computer.

6. Creating a fake online profile

When you create a fake online profile for dating sites, try to use the names for someone whom you think your husband would be attracted to. Start flirting. This technique has successfully worked for many wives.

7. Setting body traps within your house

At times your cheating husband may come with his cheating partner in the house while you are away. If you set traps, this will work out your plan. Just place a clean set of sheets on your bed and place a crumb on your bedspread. See to it that the dog or cat cannot move it and check later to see if the crumb is still in the same position as you left it.

8. Getting the help of your girlfriend

You can sign up one of your willing girlfriend for a pretended date with your husband. Let your friend carry with her a recording tape so that you hear your cheating husband.

9. Monitoring the driving habits of your unfaithful husband for a month

You should watch for the increase in cash receipts and monitor the odometer of your husband’s car for the extra unexplained miles on his car. Note the time he leaves for job and comes back. Establish the patterns and if your husband makes a claim of working late, you must check his paycheck stubs to confirm his overtime. Your unfaithful husband will try to relate his late returns home to driving on business reasons, but if the explanation and the mileage do not match-your husband could be in some adultery which you should investigate more.

10. Checking your husband’s paper signs

Your husband may have unexplained receipts, unexplained charges on his credit card and very frequent ATM withdrawals. Take note of the strange dates and times associated with such transactions. You may find a restaurant charge for a time he was supposed to be at work.

In short, you can easily catch a cheating husband by detecting the signs and then act quickly and diligently. To be successful, remain cool and collect sufficient facts beyond doubt so that you can develop your case against him with the help of surveillance tools and services.


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