What Questions to Ask on Qualaroo or Hotjar (and Why)


Knowing what how to speak to you audience is one of the key elements of a profitable sales funnel. So before you start building your pages, it's important to ask your visitors vital questions.

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Survey Goals

So this is a quick guide to the types of questions that you should ask with Qualaroo and I will start with the typical survey goals. So this isn’t just with Qualaroo but really any survey.

Most marketers recognize that surveying and really understanding your customers can give you a big edge in being able to convert customers and actually gratify them.

But we also recognize the limitations of surveys and that’s that people often forget and they make things up and so when you’re trying to process the answers to surveys, you don’t know who made things up and who wrote in correct information. [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#2c5593″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]Interactions in Qualaroo are always in the moment when somebody is actually making decisions on a website.[/mks_pullquote]

So the beauty of Qualaroo is that the interactions in Qualaroo are always in the moment when somebody is actually making decisions on a website, so you can really understand somebody’s perceptions as they’re navigating a website.

So what are the types of goals that you would have for “in the moment” type questions? And there are really three high level goals that you would have. Typical questions help you understand the visitor intent whether that’s on an entire visit or a specific page. It also helps you understand the issues that somebody is having while they’re on a website and then finally being able to segment the differences of people. So people have different aims, goals and issues that they experience on the site and you really want to be able to segment those differences.

So here’s a typical example of a question that would help you understand visitor intent and specifically around the purpose of a visit.

Start With Open-Ended Questions

So I like to start with an open-ended question like this and this is actually when you set up a trial account. You will have this question in your account as one of the templates that’s available and it’s a simple, “What did you come to our site to do today?”

I always like to start with an open-ended question and then use the answers that I get over time to build a multiple choice question and then typically include other fields, so you can continue to get a larger universe of potential answers over time.

So a page level intent type question would help you get insights around the information somebody wants on a particular page. So again, this is in your account or will be in your account when you set one up and it’s a very simple question. What were you hoping to find on this page?

Again over time, you can start to fill in multiple choice type questions and then what you want to do with these types of answers and the answers to the previous sort of site visit is take those insights and start to actually add information to your website in line with what people are looking for and generally you want to do that in the form of an A-B test rather than just go and make random changes on the site.

But what you will find is that the A-B test that you write or that you come up with based on actual user insights tend to be much more effective A-B tests than just randomly guessing on A-B tests.

So in addition to intent questions, we also talked about issues and the types of questions that are going to help you uncover issues that someone might have on a visit and those issues may range from fear, the FUD factor issue. So fear, uncertainty or doubt are the ones that I typically see.

So this is a very typical way of asking those questions. Then this is one of the templates in your account. Is there anything preventing you from signing up at this point? I’ve gotten great insights from this type of a question and once you have those insights again, you can apply those to an A-B test and generally see pretty good improvement on future tests based on these types of insights.

I personally like to ask this question in a little bit more of a polite form. So this is one that you might have actually seen on the Qualaroo site when you were navigating it. In fact, this is probably how you found that this content of this presentation right here which is a question that we run on our tour, it just asks, “Do you have any questions before you start a 30-day trial?”

“Nope, I’m ready to start a trial,” is a pretty typical answer. Another is, “I would like to learn more about the types of questions I should ask.” Obviously that’s the one that leads to this presentation that you’re looking at. “I would like to see a demo of Qualaroo in action,” is actually a very – that’s the most popular answer here or the last one is, “I have a different question. Please specify.”

When somebody selects that, the box actually drops open. They can write in that question and you can get an answer to that question. So this content that you’re looking at right now, this demonstration of the types of questions you should ask actually came out of that survey.

I only started running it mid last week but I can see that 28 percent of the people, who are before a trial, say this is the most important thing they would like to know before they start a trial. So that told me I should create some of this content to help people learn the types of questions they should ask with this.

So let me actually just show you how easy it was to set up this program. So we’re just going to go straight into the editor of how you actually set up a question. So what’s really nice with this is we basically have a series of screens here and then logic connecting those screens. So if somebody says, “No, I’m ready to start,” I can essentially tell them, OK, they’re going to go to this screen. Great. Click below to start your free trial and I will actually show you on the preview what this looks like as somebody who’s going through a survey. I’m going to go back and look at the editor there.

So do you have any questions before you start a trial? “Nope, I’m ready to start a trial,” and then it takes them to, “Great. Click below to start your trial. Start your free trial.” It takes them to a free trial screen and if somebody said, “I would like to see a demo of Qualaroo in action,” they would be taken to, “Click below to watch a demo of Qualaroo. Watch demo.” We actually have about a 40 percent clickthrough rate on this of people who then go and watch a demo. Most of those people then go and sign up for a trial.

So this is a really effective way of learning what was important for people before their trial and actually helping to nurture them toward a trial and ultimately a sale with the product by providing the content that they need to feel comfortable to start a trial. So again, let’s look at the editor just to give you one more idea of how these questions look on the backend editor side.

So as I talked about, “Nope, I’m ready to start a trial,” this we defined is going to go to this screen, “Great. Click below to start your trial.” They say, “I would like to learn more.” It actually drills in and asks an additional question about their specific goals.

It says, “I would like to see a demo of Qualaroo.” It takes them to that screen as I showed you and we actually have here. This is something we will be offering to everybody pretty soon but when they enter in a question that is something that’s different here, where they specify a different question, we give them an opportunity to start a live chat session.

So again that’s going to be available to everybody pretty soon. But we’re the initial guinea pigs there and that has been effective for being able to resolve people’s issues specifically as they’re going in to start a new trial.

So that gives you just an idea of the types of questions. There are a lot of different templates that are in your account once you start up a trial and we’re always happy to help. So give us a call if you have any questions about anything related to Qualaroo and we’re looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.

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