8 Landing Page Optimization Best Practices That Actually Work

Good landing page optimization best practices can easily double, or even triple, your conversion rates. Below you will find eight landing page optimization tips that you can put in practice within one week.

1. Make Sure Your Landing Page Matches Your Audience

One of the most important elements of landing page optimization is making sure your primary source(s) of traffic matches the content of your landing page.

You can ask yourself, “Does the headline on my landing page match the paid traffic I am sending there?”

Or if someone reaches this page through SEO search, will this page feel like the answer they are looking for?

For example, if your Google AdWords campaign is set up to attract potential home buyers with good credit looking for the best loan rates, a landing page that talks about high risk home loans at the top of the page won't be relevant to these visitors.

As a result, they will quickly click away when they see this without giving moving further down your funnel.

2. Make Your Free Lead Magnet More Targeted

If you find your landing page not converting well, it may be because your free lead magnet is not appealing enough to the audience you are serving.

Keep the following in mind:

Even if you give away the greatest ebook in world, full of practical information that could dramatically change someone's life, you will not maximize your signups if the topic does not appeal to the burning desires of your specific readers!

For example, suppose you write an e-book on “How To Boost Your Immune System In 7 Days Using One Extra Ingredient.” This topic sounds enticing and you will likely get some signups from curious people.

However, if the traffic to this landing page are people who need to lose a substantial amount of weight quickly, you will get many more signups if you entice them with an ebook like, “How To Safely Lose 28 pounds in 30 Days.”

In fact, by making this switch, you'd probably increase your signups quite significantly!

That's also why I recommend testing headlines continuously. It's dead easy, and it's one of the most effective ways to boost conversions on a page.

3. Use a Strategic Image To Add Credibility

A best practice for landing page optimization is to place an image that adds credibility to you and/or your product.

Most visitors don't trust you when they first stumble on your website.

It's harsh but it's true.

When I do research for my clients, some sort of “trust” concern is typically in the top three objections visitors have.

They don't trust your solution works, or that your reviews are real, or that you will deliver on your promise of a guarantee or quick delivery.

Images can change that. (and your copy)

You want to keep your images simple and professional, something that will make the user more comfortable about continuing their journey with you.

Adding a picture of yourself or someone in your company is always a good choice, assuming the image you place looks professional and friendly.

This adds personality to your brand, which almost always increase trust.

Another good approach is to add a very nice picture of your product. High quality.

And even if your free product is being delivered digitally, people will think of it as more credible and more desirable if you help them visualize an actual tangible product.

4. Add a Simple “Anti-Spam” Message

Spam is so prevalent on the internet today, people have become very shy about sharing their email.

They simply don't want their inboxes filled with more spam.

You can help them overcome this fear by placing a simple anti-spam message somewhere near your signup box.

You don't want to write too much or you may have them dwelling on it.

Just say something simple like, “We respect your privacy and never spam!” or “We never spam or share your email!”

A simple trick is to add a small “lock” icon next to the copy for added visual emphasis.

5. Landing Page Optimization Best Practices: Testing

It is extremely important that you always test your landing page!

Never rely on an “educated guess” when it comes to what is working or what tweaks might improve your landing page conversion success.

that's what most marketers do… And that's why they need to hire me after to make their funnel convert better.

To know exactly how specific changes affect your conversion rates, you can employ a technique called “split testing” or “landing page ab testing.”

It is usually best to start by testing changes to your headline and then tweak other elements on your landing page once you have a headline that is working well.

There are several free or low cost landing page optimization tools you can use to make landing page a/b testing easier.

These include Google Optimize, Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely and Convert Experiments.

6. Try Adding Multimedia

As you get more advanced in your landing page ab testing, you can experiment with different types of multimedia.

For example, you may want to try adding a short YouTube “how to” video on the page.

Or an introductory video to your brand or yourself.

It doesn't have to be a top produced 10 min long clip either. These days, people are used to watching self-recorded videos from smart phones.

As long as you look and sound professional, it can really help.

At the end of the video, you can tell them to signup for offer, or buy it.

Typically, for this to work well, the video must offer them something they truly value.

You may also need to tinker with how you present this message to get the best response, but for some niches, this method can make conversion rates soar.

However, you should never assume that placing a helpful video on your landing page will improve your conversion rates.

Always be sure to split test!

7. Try Adding More Text To Entice Them Better

Many people assume that they need to keep their text short and sweet in order to get more signups for their free newsletter, e-book, e-course, or trial offer.

They believe that a person who takes the time to read a long page of text may get bored and go away before they sign up.

To understand why this is not true, you have to put yourself in the mind of the reader and really think about what it is going to take to get them to give you their email.

Consider this example…

What is more persuasive?

A twenty word claim that you have the best method for how to safely lose 28 pounds in 30 days or a six hundred word explanation of the science behind the method you are promoting as well as real world examples to consider?

In other words, one of the landing page optimization best practices you should never forget is to put enough text on the page to entice your readers to sign up for your free offers.

This usually requires at least four hundred words and even more text is often better.

8. Last But Not Least

When it comes to high converting landing pages, one size does NOT fit all!

For each ad campaign you run, you should provide a unique landing page that is specifically designed for the targeted traffic you receive from that source.

You could potentially start out with the same general template for each landing page and then optimize it using your favorite landing page ab testing method.

However, never assume that the same landing page will convert well with all your different ad campaigns.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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