49 Copy & Paste Questions for Qualaroo or Hotjar

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Here are 49 questions you can ask your website visitors in order to uncover their mindset, what they are looking for, why they might be buying from you, and more importantly why not.

To achieve this, the best tools are Qualaroo and Hotjar. I recommend them both.

First, A Few Quick Tips…

To start with, you should try to extract the BEST answer from your visitors. This means asking open-ended questions so the visitor can speak openly and frankly.

It also helps A LOT to qualify the type of answers you are looking for.

For example, here are a few qualifiers you can add after your question:

[Question] + “Explain in as much detail as possible how it will make your life easier / better.”

[Question] + “Please be as blunt as possible, we can take it.”

[Question] + “You can be brutally honest, we love feedback.”

[Question] + “List as many items as you can think of.”

[Question] + “Don't be shy, we read every single response.”

“Tell us the truth:” + [Question]

So an example of a question would then be:

Is there anything on this page that's preventing your from buying today? Please be as blunt as possible, we can take it.”

Now Copy & Paste These Today…

Uncover how your visitors found out about you:

  • “How exactly did you first find out about us?”
  • “How did you stumble upon this page?”

Understanding Purpose of Visit / Intent: 

  • “What did you come to this site to do today?”
  • “Why are you looking for [service / product type] today?”
  • “What led you to look for [service / product type]?”
  • “What were you hoping to find on this page?”
  • “404 Error: What were you looking for?”
  • “Describe the moment when you realized you would buy “
  • “Tell us your shopping story in as much detail as possible…”

Understand who your visitors are:

  • “How would you describe yourself? e.g. I am a 30 year old male designer that loves cars and surfing.”

Understand position relative to competition:

  • “What convinced you to pay for this service?”
  • “What's the biggest influence on your purchasing decision?”
  • “Which other options did you consider before choosing our [Product name]?”
  • “Which of our competitors, both online and offline, did you consider before choosing our [Product name]?”

Uncover Issues:

  • “Is there anything preventing you from signing up at this point?”
  • “Is our pricing clear?”
  • “Was there anything about this checkout process that we should improve?”
  • “What could we do to make this site more useful?”
  • “On this page, it seems like I should be able to…”
  • “What is the primary reason why you're canceling your account?”
  • “Is there anything on this site that doesn't work the way you expected it to?”
  • “What's the one thing that nearly stopped you from starting a trial?”

Uncover the appeals of your site / product (you can ask these on a thank you page after a purchase or optin):

  • “What caught your attention about this site in your search results?”
  • “What persuaded you to purchase from us?”
  • “What persuaded you to start a trial?'
  • “What persuaded you to [action e.g. buy / signup]?
  • “Please list the top three things that persuaded you to use us rather than a competitor.”
  • “What are the three things do you like most about ?”
  • “What could we have done to make your decision easier?”
  • “How would you describe us to a friend?” (great to get quality testimonials)
  • “What is your favorite feature on this page?”

Understand Reservations with using or purchasing product: 

  • “What's the one thing that nearly stopped you buying from us?”
  • “What was your biggest fear or concern about using us?”
  • “What was your biggest challenge, frustration or problem in finding the [Product name] online?”
  • “If you did not make a purchase today, can you tell us why not?”
  • “What would've convinced you to complete the purchase of the item(s) in your cart?”
  • “What could we change to make you want to continue using us?”
  • “Do you have any questions before starting a free 30-day trial?”
  • “Is there anything preventing you from signing up at this point?”

Segment Differences: 

  • “Which of the following best describes you?”

Uncover missing content: 

  • “What topics would you like to see us write about next?”
  • “What other products would you like to see us offer?”
  • “Was this help section useful?”
  • “Were you able to find the information you were looking for?”
  • “What other information would you like to see on this page?”

Net Promoter Score / Scale of Satisfaction:

  • “How likely is it that you will recommend our company to a friend or colleague?”
  • “How would you rate our service on a scale of 1 – 10?”

Soliciting Product Feedback:

  • “What's one feature we can add that would make our product indispensable for you?”
  • “Of these four options, what's the next thing you think we should build?”





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