ClickFunnels Tutorial: How To Create a High-Converting Optin Page in 2 MinutesClickFunnels Tutorial: How To Create a High-Converting Optin Page in 2 Minutes

How To Create a High-Converting Optin Page with ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is going to build the funnel, which as an opt in funnel, as an email capturing funnel, is going to be comprised of two steps. The opt in page and then a thank you page.





Hey, this is Nicolas and here's how to create a high converting opt in page within ClickFunnels in just about two minutes.

Here I am in my ClickFunnels dashboard. I've got all my funnels laid out. If I want to add another one and create one from scratch, I'm going to just click on “add new”.

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Select the Funnel Type & Template

This one is very simple. ClickFunnels asked me what kind of funnel I want to build. I can either collect emails, sell a product, host a webinar. Obviously, you can tailor these. Your funnel can be totally customized. You can start from these. It lays out the key pages that are custom with these kinds of funnels. You can start an entire funnel from scratch, or you can start with these templates and then reshape the funnel as you want.

An opt in page, obviously, is pretty simple. It's a page where I'm going to collect an email and then a thank you page to say “all is good” or “here's your ebook” or whatever you're offering on your opt in page.

I'm going to give this one a name, “Test Opt In”. As a group tab … These are ways to group your funnels together, so if you have multiple businesses … You can see I have a few websites here. A few funnels for each. I can group them together if it makes sense.

For me, I'm going to keep it blank for now. Basically, ClickFunnels is going to build the funnel, which as an opt in funnel, as an email capturing funnel, is going to be comprised of two steps. The opt in page and then a thank you page. You have the steps here on the left.

The first step is to select a template for that opt in page. You can see all the templates that are all free with the funnels. They are come with ClickFunnels. You can see there's a whole bunch of these already mapped out. So it really depends on how much information I want to display on this opt in page. This one is very simple. Others have more copy. This one's more of an article with the opt in on the right hand side. This one has a video on it.

Obviously, all of these, you can add videos, you can remove things. That's really easy. You can start from a template that makes most sense for what you're trying to achieve.

There's one I really like. I think because it's actually built by the ClickFunnels team, so it's Russell Brunson's team. This one, I think, looks really good and accomplishes a lot of things, so I'm going to start with that one.

Editing the ClickFunnels page

As you can see, ClickFunnels right now is setting up the page. When I'm ready to go, I can edit this page. I'm going to go to the editor.

The editor's really simple to use, once you understand the columns and all the elements that are in here. Basically, it all starts with the green boxes. Green boxes are big stacks of information. You can add as much as you can. You can clone them. You can save them. Delete parts of it.

For each of these you can, for example, add a top margin. You'll see everything will go down. I can add a background image. I can say how wide it's going to be. If it's going to be sticky to the top. If I'm going to want to create, for example, a sticky bar at the top of the page for a sales page, that would make sense. The colors, the padding.

There's some advanced stuff as far as the corner radius of the element. You can animate some things so that they appear on certain delay.

For this, I'll leave it as is. If it were my own product, maybe I want to tweak the headline. Maybe I want to upload my own logo. If I want to upload the logo, it's really easy. I just click on this element. I can change the image here by uploading it directly to ClickFunnels. They're going to host the image themselves. They're going to render it. I can add some SEO text.

You can add some shadowing and borders to the image if you want, any image, basically, that you add to ClickFunnels.

I'm going to tweak the headline. As you can see, tweaking the headline is really, really easy. Let's say now it's not going to be “108 Proven Split Test Winners”, maybe it's going to be “101 Ways To a Perfect 6 Pack Ab”. That make sense?

All right. Let's say that that's my opt in hook, then I can add a sub headline. I can change the image, obviously, of the book I'm trying to [inaudible 00:04:57], change any copy here, any bits and pieces here, any part of the page itself.

As a conversion optimization consultant, I'm not a big fan of the “submit” one, so maybe I'll say “get it now”. I like to add these icons next to the text. I feel like I've tested this and sometimes that adds a little bit of extra umpf. I've seen it add to conversions.

Let's say I keep it that way and I'm all happy with … Obviously, you can change the colors. You can change the layout. You can move the book to the left or whatever it is.

Let's say that now I'm ready to save it. I like this template, too, because it has the testimonials blended in. It's really easy to see them.

Now I'm going to preview this new page. You can see here, it has my new headline. It has the new call to action that I changed, then it says, “Enter your full email. Enter your email address.” You can see it's all built in so that if someone screws this up, they know exactly where they need to correct it.

Once I'm happy with that, obviously, it's been saved and I'm happy with this, I need to tweak one more thing. I need to tell ClickFunnels where this email address and this name is going to go. I go to integrations. Integrations …

Adding your autoresponder to ClickFunnels

I've set up already my AWeber account to speak to ClickFunnels. The way that it's mapped out, if you have another email service provider, an autoresponder provider, such as AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, name it, they pretty much all support it.

You can go to your integrations. Once you've done that already … You can see here, I have AWeber as an option. As an integration, I can integrate it to a list that I've already built in my AWeber account. Let's say it's going to be ClickFunnels. Now it says, “Hey, you're connected,” so all is good.

This means now that if someone enters their name and email address and clicks “get it now”, they will automatically be added to my AWeber list. This is great.

By the way, if you want to know, all of this is autoresponse stuff, so you can see how the page will look on a mobile device. You can actually tweak parts of it. I can move things around on mobile that are going to be displayed differently on desktops. These are all things that you can tweak.

You can add tracking codes for Google Analytics, a Facebook pixel, things like that. You can change the SEO tag, SEO title. I'm going to leave this as is, but it's pretty self explanatory.

Once this step … I'm happy with it. I've saved it. Let's save it again. I'll go back to my funnel. Now I need to choose a thank you page. I'm not going to go into full detail about that. This is the opt in. Now I'm going to go to the thank you page and I'm going to select a thank you template.

Add a thank you page to your funnel

This one I'm going to make super easy. I'll just pick the first one. It's the same process, really, if you go to the editor, tweak the messaging, add some kind of download so you can deliver your ebook or whatever your giving away as an opt in.

After that, you can tweak the address where this funnel starts. Let's try it out to see how it works. You can see here, I've got this first step. Then, I'm going to go with “test333”. When I click “get now”, you'll see it's going to submit. I'm going to that thank you page. You can see that little animation where it makes it a little bit more engaging.

Now I'm at the thank you page. I can click here. If I had set it up already, I could download the ebook or whatever that was, and also been added to the AWeber mailing list. On top of that, I can receive your follow ups key sequence.

That was super easy, right? Imagine how this process is quite easy. Just setting up this in a few … You don't need no coding. Don't need no designer. No need no really nothing.

You can embed these pages within your WordPress blog, by the way. They can be totally seamless and you feel like you're within your blog. You never leave the blog itself. You're not going to a ClickFunnel address. You can do that, if you want.

I think this is really cool. I think it makes it so much easy on us to grab those emails and to create some landing pages that really look good.

I urge you to try it out and try ClickFunnels. If you want to have this same template that I'm giving you, it's a paid template. That's the only one in the templates I showed you that I paid for, because I thought it looked great and it was built by Russell Brunson's team, ClickFunnels.

Get this optin funnel for free

You could buy it, if you're a ClickFunnels member, but you can also get it for free. I'm going to share it with you. If you go to, just check the link underneath this video, I'll give this page to you. There's also two other funnels you might want to grab.

Check it out. Super easy to set up an opt in page in ClickFunnels. I hope you appreciated this video. I think it's super cool and just imagine, if you applied this to your business, if you were able to set up pages like this and funnels like this every single day, how much that would mean for your business.

I urge you to check it out, and thanks for watching.


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