The Single Most Effective Dentist Website You’ll Ever Need

Book more appointments with these fill-in-the-blank dentist website templates

Are you sifting through a muddle of jargon, trying to figure out how to build your website?

WordPress, HTML, hosting…

You probably didn’t become a dentist to spend your time looking up technical terms and fiddling around with code.

If you’re strapped for time, it might be tempting to leave it for another day.

But, hold on… Every day you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on new patients.

Your website is a place to showcase your credentials and build trust with potential patients. It’s your online salesperson, working for you 24/7 (so you don’t have to!).

You don’t need to sacrifice hours of your life or drop $20K on a complicated and expensive website (I promise).

All you need is a simple one-page website.

But many dentists don’t know this.

Want to have a competitive edge?

Go against the grain. Do what other dentists haven’t figured out yet.

So what exactly does this website look like?

I’ll show you in just a minute, but first, let me start from the beginning and explain why most dentist websites DON’T work.

The top mistakes in dentist website design

Most dental websites are making three mistakes that prevent them from generating a consistent stream of phone calls and appointments:

1. Not leading website visitors to take one single action.

If you had to make an analogy, you could compare most dental websites to brochures.

Brochures are filled with glossy pictures and information. They’re meant to be flipped through. Often, they’re stashed into a hidden drawer for “future reference”. Or tossed in the recycle bin.

For a brochure-style website, the fate is much worse. There’s nothing physical to stash away. The viewer can just hit the back arrow to get back to their Google search results.


These websites aren’t designed to lead your website visitor to take any particular action. As a result, visitors wander around and usually leave.

2. Not answering this fundamental question.

Prospective customers are presented with an overwhelming number of choices when they search online.

When they land on a website, they’re looking for the answer to one question.

Without this answer, they’re hitting the back button.

The question is: why should they pick you? In other words: what can you offer them that other dentists can’t?

3. Not addressing prospective patients’ concerns.

Finding a new dentist is very different from placing an order for toothpaste on Amazon.

Your prospective patients probably feel apprehensive and have a range of concerns and questions.

For some, “cost” might be the largest concern, while others may be fearful and need reassurance that any procedures they need will be pain-free.

If your website doesn’t address your patients’ most common concerns, they’ll move on to other sites to find what they need.

So that’s the bad news…But it’s not all bad.

Knowing what NOT to do is half the battle.

Now we get to the fun part: what are the principles of effective dentist website design?

What your grocery store knows about getting customers in the door (and how it can help you book more appointments on your dentist website)

“Sales funnels”.

Even if we don’t notice them, they’re all around us.

And we’re all prone to being sucked into them…

Maybe you receive your local grocery store weekly circular. Full of limited-time deals.

If it’s a scorching hot summer day and they have a $1 special on popsicles, you might be tempted to run and grab a few boxes. (Am I right?)

And next to the freezer you’ll see stacks of diet Pepsi boxes….And bags of sour-cream-and-onion chips…Perfect for summer snacking.

You fill your shopping cart. Before you know it you’ve spent $30.

The grocery store lured you in with a deal, and then upsold you on a bunch of extra stuff…Cha-ching!

Knowing this, now you can leverage sales funnels on your website.

Want to generate phone calls and dental appointments on autopilot? Here’s how…

What’s the online version of your grocery store’s sales funnel?

Let’s say we have a 34-year-old teacher named Leslie. She’s just moved to the area and she’s looking for a new dentist.

Leslie is secretly terrified of injections, especially in her mouth, so she needs to find a dentist who’s extremely gentle.

When she loads up Google, she types in “pain-free dentist”.

She scrolls down the first page, scanning the listings. Her eyes stop at the words “Your guide to a pain-free dental experience…”

She clicks through and lands on a beautiful, easy-to-read webpage.

She notices that the webpage is offering to send her a reassuring guide titled “How to Ensure a Pain-Free Dental Experience.”

To get the guide, she just has to enter her name, email and phone number into a form right next to the picture of the guide.

She hesitates and scans the rest of the page. On the top right, she notices a phone number.

Further down, she sees 3 glowing reviews from happy clients. They mention that they used to fear going to the dentist, but now they actually enjoy their appointments.

She breathes a sigh of relief and fills out the form. After she clicks on the “Get Your Guide” button, a new page loads.

Here she sees a short message thanking her and telling her to check her email for the guide.

She hears the ding of a new email notification and notices an email from the dentist, Dr. Zhang. He’s sent her a copy of the guide and asks her if she has any questions.

Over the next few weeks, she receives a series of helpful emails with reassuring information about Dr. Zhang’s specialized training in pain management.

In sales funnel terminology, the first webpage that Leslie lands on is called the “Landing Page”.

The landing page is designed to do one thing: entice website visitors to fill in a form and share their contact information with the dentist.

Remember the $1 offer in the grocery store circular? On the landing page, the offer is sometimes called a “lead magnet”.

A lead magnet is either a special offer/discount or some form of helpful content (delivered as a PDF booklet or a series of videos or emails).

Once Leslie clicks the “Get Your Guide” button, she’s directed to the “Thank-You Page”, which is exactly what it sounds like.

A chance for Dr. Zhang to thank her, and instruct her on next steps.

Once Dr. Zhang has Leslie’s email, he can send her a pre-written series of emails. Every email gives her useful information and ends with a soft pitch to book an appointment.

Instead of manually writing and sending each message, he can automate the process and start to build a relationship on autopilot.

To write, schedule and send the emails, he uses a software tool called an autoresponder.

The whole process from landing page to email messages to phone calls to booked appointments is your online sales funnel.

This might seem a bit conceptual but in a moment I’m going to show you an EASY and fast way to build your own online sales funnel.

How can you use landing pages in your dentist website?

Online sales funnels enable you to walk away from your website and passively collect leads and build relationships.

It’s a leveraged way of growing your business that doesn’t depend on you physically being present (you could be working on patients while leads are rolling in).

And for people who prefer to make a call, you can prominently display your phone number on the landing page or thank-you page.

Your landing page and the lead magnet work best when they’re ultra-specific to one customer segment.

Ideally, you’ll have multiple landing pages, one per customer type. In Leslie’s case, her number one concern is pain. She doesn’t care that much about getting the best deal.

You’d design a different landing page and lead magnet for someone who’s interested in Invisalign.

What can you offer as a lead magnet? Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • New patient special
  • Free teeth whitening
  • 5 tips for whiter teeth (short guide)
  • Great deal on teeth cleaning and X-rays
  • Free consultation for Invisalign

If you want to keep things simple, you can also use landing pages to showcase your dental practice and give prospects the opportunity to book their first appointment.

How to create your first dentist sales funnel: your options

You’re probably thinking, “Great, I need a sales funnel…but HOW do I create one?”

Good news! I’m about to get to that.

You’ve probably heard of WordPress and maybe other website builders like Wix or Weebly.

So which of these platforms works best for creating a dental sales funnel?

The short answer is that they all work, but I personally use and love ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is designed specifically for building sales funnels.

In the chart below I’ve compared the most common website building platforms:

FeaturesClickFunnelsWebsite Builders (Wix, Weebly, etc.)WordPress
Website Hosting Included!Your own domain name only in paid plansNot Included
Proven Funnel Templates Included!Not IncludedNeed to purchase themes and plugins
Drag-and-drop Editor Included!IncludedNeed to purchase themes and plugins
Autoresponder Included!Not IncludedNot Included
A/B Testing Included!Not IncludedNot Included

Dental website hosting

Your website needs to be hosted or stored, on a server. Some website platforms will host your website for you (less headache), while others expect you to get your own hosting.

Both Wix and Weebly will host your website. That’s good, but unless you get a paid plan you can’t use your own domain name (you’ll end up with something like As a professional, you absolutely need your own domain name.

Another potential negative: both Wix and Weebly will show ads on your site unless you pay for one of the higher-tier plans.

ClickFunnels will host your website too. There’s only one pricing tier, and you can use your own domain name without any hassles. They never show ads. requires you to buy your own website hosting from a third-party provider. Once you have a host for your dentist website, you install WordPress on your site. This is the most technically-intensive option, but there are plenty of online tutorials to help you get started.

Funnel templates (some great for dentists)

ClickFunnels shines with its library of scientifically-proven sales funnel templates. Scientifically-proven dental websites templates can save you time, headache and money. No need to code, or hire a tech whiz or designer.

You can customize your chosen template with their drag-and-drop editor. Just upload your images, edit the text, change the colors (if you want to) and hit publish.

As a Funnel Consultant (I work with a portfolio of SMEs and Fortune 500 companies on a recurring basis, and I’ve helped grow companies such as Amazon, Citrix, Hertz, Vimeo and Glamour Magazine just to name a few) I use ClickFunnels every day. I recommend it without reservation, and if you’re thinking of testing it out, they offer a free two-week trial. You can check it out here.

Wix and Weebly also offer templates and a drag-and-drop editor, but they don’t specialize in sales funnels.

With WordPress, you can create stunning websites, but you do need to shop around for the right themes and plugins. There are some drag-and-drop WordPress themes, but they’re more “general purpose” and not sales funnel-specific.


ClickFunnels or ActiveCampaign are great autoresponders for any dentist website.
On top of ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign is my favorite autoresponder software.

Once you start capturing leads with your landing page, you’ll want to follow up with them via email.

Manually sending out emails to each lead would take hours of your time, so to make things easy, you’ll need an autoresponder (or email marketing) software.

With an autoresponder, you can write a series of email messages once, and the software will take care of sending them out new leads. You can even specify the time intervals between email sends.

There are tons of options, both free and paid, but ClickFunnels already has this functionality out-of-the-box. Or, if you have a preferred autoresponder, you can easily integrate it with ClickFunnels.

In the case of Weebly, Wix and WordPress sites, you’ll need to figure out which email marketing software to use and hook it up to your website. This process can be confusing, time-consuming and costly.

Set up your first dental funnel in minutes (here’s how)

Many dentists aren’t using sales funnels which means there’s a huge opportunity for those who do.

With Clickfunnels you can build your very first funnel today, without knowing how to code or design.

You can have a beautiful, professional dentist website within a day, without the headaches of dealing with the messy tech details.

You don’t need:

⛔ Costly hosting
⛔ A tech guy or gal
⛔ A graphic designer
⛔ A bunch of extra software

You can do it yourself via ClickFunnels.

Once your dentist website and funnel is up and running it will work for you 24/7, collecting your leads and building relationships on autopilot.

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